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Sep 19, 2006
Who still makes rear diff skids for the FJC? I visited BudBuilt and they don't seem to market one for the FJC anymore, although they still have one listed for the '03-'09 4R (same axle/diff housing). The fact that he doesn't make them for current models of the 4R or list them on the FJC page makes me wary.

I looked over at the blue room and seems Outrider Suspension Armor is out of business (they had a nice design). I found Boztec and they are nearly $400. Does anyone else make a diff skid? I may resign myself to making one if I can't find a reasonable option.

03-09 4Runner Diff Skid (but no picture)
Skid Plates for Rear Differentials | BozTec (I like the design)

I have an old All Phase designed skid and it was the only option at the time I got it, but it's a horrible design.
Rick, the guy that was Outrider is (was?) one county away from me, but I haven't seen or heard from him in a long time (though I haven't been active in the nearby Toyota 4WD clubs/groups either).

I don't know of any others. Most of them sacrificed too much clearance for my taste, though that BozTec design doesn't look too bad.

Seems to me that you could do just about as well by welding a formed/rounded plate to the bottom and front of the diff housing to reinforce it. This used to be fairly common with 40 and heep guys. Good luck with it in any event.
Mostly looking to protect the housing studs and input flange. Covering the drain plug too. I'll talk over some design ideas with ACC and probably fab something myself.
Boztec is where its at in design and stoutness
Have to say Boztec is a great rear diff skid. Bought this in 2012, came with a powder coat primer and I rattle-canned it black. Easy to install, have not touched it up yet because no-one can see the scratches where it lives. :_> If you have access to a plasma machine and welding ability, as I do, you could copy this design and build your own but a machine shop is necessary to machine the axles mounts, and you would need to drill and tap the mounts. Boztec does the work for you. Look at his page or trdparts4u.com ,once in a while their sale will save you not only shipping but also sales tax. Solid product that I have never seen any negative comments on.
The Boztec Skid is the way to go. Boz does a great job in making these and they tuck up nicely to the diff so you don't need to worry about hanging up on it.

As Bozly is a good guy he wheels a FJ Cruiser so they are well tested.
AFAIK Boztec has not resumed production of their rear diff skid. He put a message on FB saying production would resume in 4-6 weeks. I messaged him a month ago but have heard nothing.
Late to the party but BAMF is one also RCI which I have. BAMF has a long lead time or build to order, but from what I have seen they are bomb proof and well thought out. RCI had one on the shelf and needing one right away sealed the deal for me. Bolted up nicely and has work out very well the rock rash has proved that. Great people to work with and to wheel with as well.
Got my Budbuilt in July I know Bud still makes them. Ive been very happy with mine

diff skid.jpg

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