For Sale  Please remove

    Listing my trail gear tube bumper. super solid construction good ground clearance and plenty of room to fit a 12k winch. All original other than paint. I painted it black it’s got a few scratches on the bottom that will need touch up. No bends or dings. Asking $450 OBO local pickup. *winch...
  2. M

    Wanted  Aftermarket Front Bumper for LX470

    Looking for aftermarket winch ready front bumper for Lexus LX470, series 100 Land Cruiser. Preferably something direct bolt-on, no cutting required. Socal area is a plus, but willing to travel for a deal.
  3. M

    Wanted  96 LC80 Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of Pocket Fenders for my 96 LC80. Looking like the passenger front fender is not OEM so the holes are different than the rest of the vehicle, we can fix that In Connecticut - 06248 Cheers!
  4. mexellent

    Tandem Offroad 2nd Gen Sequoia Sliders

    Hello All! My name is Alex Moreno and I am one of the owners of Tandem Offroad. We are a small shop located in Haltom City, Texas. I had a customer with a Sequoia who SWORE you guys wanted sliders. I drew up some weld on ones for him and I figured since the design is already done I might as...
  5. mgsmith125

    Wanted  Skid plate for transmission (OEM ripped and hanging off)

    2006 Landcruiser I need an "intermediate" skid plate that covers the transmission. Mine has a clean cut on the back which has it hanging down and looks awful. The slee cover requires that you buy the belly cover which adds another couple hundred to the purchase. Im open to anything and...
  6. 1

    For Sale  Tundra gear

    I have some *gently used* items from my 2007 Tundra that I'm putting up for sale: Westin HDX side steps ($300) Westin HDX rear bumper ($800) I can provide pictures and pricing for those interested. I'm located near leesburg, VA Thanks. Mike
  7. CBeckFJ

    100 series with Dissent rear bumper and ARB front

    Has anyone ever done this setup on their truck? I'm wondering how it would look for when I end up building my future rig. I have seen ARB and slee, ARB and BIOR, Dissent and Dissent, but never ARB and Dissent.
  8. Oakleyguy

    For Sale  200series, Trail Tailor Rear Trailing Arm Skid - Denver, CO

    *****SOLD***** Hi all, I have a pair of new 200 series Trail Tailor rear trailing arm skids. I've decided to go a different direction and no longer need these. I did coat these in POR15 in prep for install. I'll put up a couple photos later today. Local sale is preferred, but I can ship if...
  9. Ali M

    Polar Bear Build: ARB BP-51, SPC UCAs and Budbuilt Sliders and Armor

    Just got my “PolarBear” back from TorFab after hibernation with roughly 3” lift with the upper control arms and BP-51 and Budbuilt beefy .120 DOM and 3/8” thick steel rock sliders that is powder coated and aluminum armor plating stage 4 (front, engine, and transfer case). Next, rock warriors...
  10. 180jigz

    Wanted  WTB: 3rd gen 4runner sliders.

    Looking for 3rd gen sliders. Figure see if anyone is parting ways with some before I order. Thanks
  11. snowcruiser

    For Sale  Sliders for 80 series

    I built these nearly 15 years ago and ran them for the entire time. I recently removed them to do some some rocker panel rust repair and have decided to go another route so I'm letting these go. They were based on George's bolt on slider plans but edited slightly with 3/16" steel 2"x4" main...
  12. RFB

    Welding on front Diff.

    I just got these two in from Ruffstuff, and Im curious are there any special precautions to take when welding onto the front differential? And is RTV better for rear or gasket?
  13. Ali M

    Skid plates

    Been looking at Budbuilt products and they have a full length under carriage armor package (4 plates) including a plate protecting the fuel tank. Aluminum Skid Plate | Land Cruiser 200/LX570 | BudBuilt Overland Has anyone bought similar parts and what do you think of their steel vs aluminum...
  14. Ian Mac

    WTB / Recommendations for Sliders for 1997 FZJ80

    I recently bought a 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Ed. I'm slowly but surely getting her ready for the trail...Any recommendations for sliders for a 1997 FZJ80 a.k.a. Lana? I know Slee Offroad makes a great product, but if there's other armor out there that's as good in quality but lower...
  15. teejnut

    Getting a MetalTech armor group order together... anyone here interested?

    Just cross-posting (hope that's ok). I'm getting a group order together to purchase some MetalTech armor. The goal is to bundle the orders together to save on shipping and possibly get a discount. Would be shipping to a single location in Los Angeles. See here for more info: MetalTech Armor...
  16. teejnut

    MetalTech Armor Order in Los Angeles

    Hi, I planning to get some MetalTech/OPOR sliders for my GX470 and want to try to get a group together to place an order with MetalTech. My main goal is to pool orders together so we can save on shipping. Would ship to LA, specifically Bell, CA 90201, I have access to a warehouse there that can...
  17. E

    For Sale  1997 w/ factory lockers, lift, armor and more

    Sold for $9,300. Price lowered to $10,500 obo. It is with heavy heart that we have decided to sell our beloved 1997 80 with factory lockers and 233,900 miles. I flew to Las Vegas from Fort Collins, CO and purchased this Cruiser from a fellow mudder (Jeff A. but I don’t recall his username) on...
  18. Beachcomber Bernie

    For Sale  2015 - Serious Armor

    (Obviously) Not mine. You think they could have at least included the gold package. Lasco International Group - NEW Toyota Land Cruiser
  19. TeCKis300

    LX570 Stock Frame Under Armor

    As I spend more time under the LX570, I start to notice things never talked about in this 200 forum. This under armor is probably unique to the LX570. Always nice to see real substance in the sister model. One of the interesting things is the existence of some seriously beefy AHC system...

    Builds  Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things

    @TonyP has commissioned me to build some custom bumpers and sliders for him and graciously allowed me to use the rig for a few other R&D items. Parts have been rolling in over the past two weeks and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Going to happen: Front and rear bumpers...
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