1. DirtyPepper

    1997 FzJ80 Rock Slider Question - Size/length

    At some point I'll update the steps to actual sliders on my '97 From what I understand the length (without front mudflaps) is 69" So, (maybe a dumb question, but you never know without asking) will ANY 69 inch sliders work, bolted or welded? I'm asking because I found a set that came off of a...
  2. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    I searched the forum and the web, but could not seem to find anyone who makes a rear differential skid plate for the 100 series (mine is a 1999). I just got back from an awesome Cal4wd Sierra Poker Run where we ran Brewer Lake and Bald Mountain. Came back with a bunch of scrapes on my diff...
  3. pacfive

    For Sale SoCal Los Angeles Area : Land Cruiser 100 Series / LX470 - Dobinsons Rear Bumper w/ dual swingouts - Great Condition

    Hello everyone, I am selling my Dobinsons Rear Bumper with dual swingouts for the 100 series Land Cruiser / LX 470 Bought and installed in October 2020 so about 1.5 years old. It is in great shape as I have only been out a few times with it. No trail damage whatsoever. Swingarms are already...
  4. ASFIR 4X4

    Who's your Valentine? ;)

    Are you ready to show your rig some loveeee with ASFIR's under-armor protection? :cool: Use luv4offroad special discount code to enjoy extra 7% off all products at! * code is valid through Feb. 15th * double coupon promotions do not apply Can't find what you're looking for? Comment...
  5. MarkoTLC

    100 Series front bumper -- I need some input!

    Hi all, For my birthday, I'm ordering a new bumper for my 2005 Cruiser,. I've found the style/function I want, but now I need to choose a vendor. If anyone cares to share their opinion or feedback, I am all ears. In no particular order: 1) Dissent Off-Road. Available in steel or aluminum...
  6. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    For Sale Complete New Coastal Off Road armor set for 70 series- bumpers and sliders.

    With the BJ74 sold, it’s time to sell the armor set. I was so excited about this stuff but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. Front bumper includes hoop, rear bump includes rocker protection hoops and weld in hitch. No swing out. Sliders are 68”, perfect for a MWB Cruiser. All together this is...
  7. 1carnut

    FREE Free 200 Series Transfer Case OEM Armor

    Free to a good home just cover shipping. Have all bolts as well. Removed to add a stainless steel BudBuilt transfer case plate that's for sale as well on here ($200 obo)
  8. 1carnut

    SOLD Baltimore, BudBuilt Rock Sliders w/ Kicker and Stainless Steel Transfer Case Skid - Reduced

    Removed some mods before selling my 200 Series a couple weeks back. Anyone looking to add some most excellent BudBuilt products to your LC or LX build? Sliders are only about 5 months old and SS transfer case skid is about a year old. Local pickup strongly preferred given the size and weight of...
  9. kem

    New LC200 front bumper from Dissent Off-road *teaser*

    Filip from Dissent Off-road here, I wanted to update you all on some exciting changes to our LC200 lineup. We really appreciate all the support we receive from mud so we wanted to announce it here first. We have redesigned our low profile bumper that fits all years of the Land Cruiser 200...
  10. masonhayman1017

    Bump it off road HC bumper?

    Hey boys I’m looking at this BIOR high clearance rear bumper. I haven’t seen any pictures other than the few on their site. Anyone have pics of this bumper? Specifically the HC one NOT the regular one. Any help would be appreciated ! Custom High Clearance Bumper For Toyota Land Cruiser -...
  11. A

    SOLD Fj40 quarter panel aluminum diamond plate

    Have a pair of used aluminum diamond plate rear quarter panels. $40 plus shipping.

    DIY Armor Build

    Howdy, Maybe I'm just not putting the right keywords together but I wasn't able to find much of anything on this topic in here. I've got a 2000 LX 470, for which I'm looking to make my own armor. I'll leave the #1 cover for now because of the complexity of the contours, but given that I...
  13. P

    Looking for Costal Offroad group buy

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to see if anyone has any information or could point me in the direction of a on-going group buy for Costal Offroad. Are there any MUD incentives or coupons available? I’ve searched through all the forms and have not found any recent information. Thanks in advance for...
  14. Porzingis213

    Underbody cover

    Hi guys I am wondering if anyone can tell me why this is so cheap. I have been looking for the underbody cover for my 2000 lc because my mechanic forgot to put it back on and they have all been like 400 dollars but I found this and it’s $26. Is it a picture of the cover or is it really just...
  15. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD North County San Diego: 93/94 OPOR Outpost Offroad sliders by Metal Tech

    These are for side by side cats only. Link here for info. Six years on them with a lot more to go. Rattle canned - never got them powder coated. These are the full deck step slider. Includes hardware. Local pickup only in Encinitas. $500

    For Sale Please remove

    Listing my trail gear tube bumper. super solid construction good ground clearance and plenty of room to fit a 12k winch. All original other than paint. I painted it black it’s got a few scratches on the bottom that will need touch up. No bends or dings. Asking $450 OBO local pickup. *winch...
  17. M

    Wanted Aftermarket Front Bumper for LX470

    Looking for aftermarket winch ready front bumper for Lexus LX470, series 100 Land Cruiser. Preferably something direct bolt-on, no cutting required. Socal area is a plus, but willing to travel for a deal.
  18. M

    Wanted 96 LC80 Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of Pocket Fenders for my 96 LC80. Looking like the passenger front fender is not OEM so the holes are different than the rest of the vehicle, we can fix that In Connecticut - 06248 Cheers!
  19. mexellent

    Tandem Offroad 2nd Gen Sequoia Sliders

    Hello All! My name is Alex Moreno and I am one of the owners of Tandem Offroad. We are a small shop located in Haltom City, Texas. I had a customer with a Sequoia who SWORE you guys wanted sliders. I drew up some weld on ones for him and I figured since the design is already done I might as...
  20. mgsmith125

    Wanted Skid plate for transmission (OEM ripped and hanging off)

    2006 Landcruiser I need an "intermediate" skid plate that covers the transmission. Mine has a clean cut on the back which has it hanging down and looks awful. The slee cover requires that you buy the belly cover which adds another couple hundred to the purchase. Im open to anything and...
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