1. M

    For Sale Phila, PA - FJ Cruiser - Curt Front Hitch & Snowsport Personal Plow (sold seperately)

    I purchased a Curt Mfg 2 inch front tow hitch receiver for my rig last year but sadly I had to sell my FJC for financial reasons. This is brand new, never been mounted, still in its original packaging (box is a little torn and taped, but still together). Mounting hardware still in its bag. I'm...
  2. BMThiker

    FSM Collision Repair Manual 2021-10-18

    This manual consists of body repair methods, exploded diagrams and illustrations of the body components and other information relating to body panel replacement such as handling precautions, etc. However, it should be noted that the front fenders of this TOYOTA model are bolted on and require no...
  3. M

    Hello and Question about my 2008 FJC

    Hi All, My driveway was recently graced by a 2008 AT 4WD FJ Cruiser with over 230k on the odometer. While diagnosing a catalytic converter malfunction, I noticed that the driver's side bank had NGK plugs installed, but the passenger side bank was equipped with Denso plugs. My understanding is...
  4. BMThiker

    Speedo correction

    I've been daily driving my FJC since July 2006. I've had larger tires on it since Nov 2006. I put bigger gears in the diffs a little bit later. But I've been relying on my ScanGauge II for an accurate speedometer reading all this time. I calibrated it between 6-7% depending on what my GPS...
  5. BMThiker

    Sway Bar links, surgery involved

    So, my lift has been putting the hurt on my sway bar links on the rear axle. The stock length throws off the angle and they rake forward after the geometry of the lift is applied. My threads on the top of the link stud eventually just gave way and rusted so much that it was difficult to remove...
  6. BMThiker

    Rear bearing replacement with pics

    At just over 200K on the odo, I suspected it was time to replace the rear bearings. I've been checking them periodically at the gas pump by putting my hand on the center of the hub to gauge relative temperature. The passenger side has been feeling a bit warmer than usual and it's been around...
  7. ttubb

    2009 FJC Bumper and 95 LC Springs - Free to a good home

    I have the front bumper off my 2009 FJC - Great shape - Free Full spring set of my 95 FZJ-80 - Free I am in Tucson and we can arrange pickup. Terry
  8. GWcruiser

    FJC Lightbar wiring route

    Anyone know or can point to the proper routing of wires for a rack mounted lightbar? Pretty clear the grommets allow wires to be run into and down the rack to channels in the roof, down a corner pillar under thr trim; but from there where do the OEM wires head? Into the engine compartment or...
  9. BMThiker

    All Pro skids for FJC refresh

    I've been beating the snot out of my skids since 2007. Last summer I started thinking about re-doing my skids and finally came to the conclusion that I would be better off just replacing them, instead of attempting to fix/straighten or fabricate something myself. I contacted All Pro and showed...
  10. BMThiker

    Prinsu Roof Rack for FJC

    I recently installed a new roof rack to replace the factory one. The Prinsu all-aluminum roof rack is relatively new to market and it appeals to me because of it's low profile, light weight, modular design and relatively competitive price. This rack is kind of like buying flat-pack furniture...
  11. meatloaf

    For Sale 2011 Green FJC In Austin TX

    Selling my beloved fjc... only reason is that my 3 kids, now teenagers, no longer fit in the back. 2011 Green Toyota FJ Cruiser PM me with questions Thanms, ML
  12. meatloaf

    Selling My 2011 FJC

    I selling my beloved 2011 FJ Cruiser. Only reason is that my 3 kids do not fit the the rear seat comfortably. 2011 Green Toyota FJ Cruiser PM me for more info... Price is negotiable. Luis
  13. BMThiker

    FJC Harrop e-locker clamshell install

    I've been slowly rebuilding my front end drive train since last August when I had an unfortunate incident on a gravel road. I won't go into that in detail here, but one of the results was a blown front differential. A few months ago I was made aware of Harrop's option for the FJC through...
  14. G-Cat

    craigslist 1 FJC TRD Wheel ATL

    Not mine: Toyota TRD wheel FJ Tacoma
  15. L

    Trade 2011 FJC for clean clean 80

    I am considering selling my clean stock '11 FJC 4wd and locked with ~88k miles for a super clean 80 or possible trade. If interested, shoot me a PM. I'm in TX/NM border and willing to go anywhere but rust belt.
  16. BMThiker

    For Sale FJC/4R rear upper links (Metal-Tech), Atlanta,GA

    I have NIB set of Metal-Tech FJC/4R rear upper links for sale. Retail is $250 Metal Tech FJ Cruiser/4Runner Rear Upper Links Asking $200 +s/h Metal Tech 4x4 FJ Cruiser/4Runner (03-09 and 2010+) adjustable rear upper links featuring Currie Johnny Joints. One of the biggest benefits of...
  17. BMThiker

    Diff Skids

    Who still makes rear diff skids for the FJC? I visited BudBuilt and they don't seem to market one for the FJC anymore, although they still have one listed for the '03-'09 4R (same axle/diff housing). The fact that he doesn't make them for current models of the 4R or list them on the FJC page...
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