1. Oakleyguy

    For Sale 200series, Trail Tailor Rear Trailing Arm Skid - Denver, CO

    *****SOLD***** Hi all, I have a pair of new 200 series Trail Tailor rear trailing arm skids. I've decided to go a different direction and no longer need these. I did coat these in POR15 in prep for install. I'll put up a couple photos later today. Local sale is preferred, but I can ship if...
  2. BullElk

    Can't remove front skid plate....with all bolts out...what????

    Is there some secret code to removing the front skid plate? i have removed that heavy rascal before but this time something is holding it right in the center at the jack point and tranny plug. What on earth am I missing?
  3. Cruisin911

    Wanted 200 Series Front Skid Plate

    Just looking for the stock skid plate. Someone has to have one laying around they don't need. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks, Scott
  4. Javelin

    Vibration After Installing Slee Skid Plates

    I installed my full set of steel skids from slee last night. I noticed that the truck has a slight vibration now. I checked all the bolts and everything is tight. I am wondering if it's the exhaust pipe. It comes very close to the belly pan like 1cm or less. No rattles or squeaks just doesn't...
  5. FDNewbie

    For Sale DISCONTINUED FZJ80 JAOS Skid Plate + Rear Bumper Step

    ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! So I have a few left over parts after selling my FZJ80. I've already listed my JAOS Front brush guard here: For Sale - JAOS Front Bull Bar/Brush Guard + 10" PIAA SUPER4X4 Fogs!!! WAAG Tailight and Rear Bumper Guards! But I also found BRAND NEW IN BOX: 1) JAOS...
  6. Cruisin911

    Wanted 200 Stock Skid plate

    Looking for one close to Denver if possible. Let me know what you have. Doesn't have to be showroom quality. Thanks, Scott
  7. Taco2Cruiser

    BudBuilt 200 Series Skid Plates, Sliders, High Clearance Rear Bumper

    These are not a one off project for me, these will be available as bolt on from BudBuilt. That's right, change your oil and filter without removing the armor. Also notice how the alignment cams are protected. Damaged those on my first trip. First off, these are still in development, but...
  8. ncavi10

    Found a yellow hose connector

    Was giving my 100 a bath today and found what I think is a yellow hose connector above my skid plate? The arrow is pointing to where I found it. Caught me off guard and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary? Anyone have some insight? or suggestions?

    RLCA skids

    Skid covers for the RLCAs 100 and 200 series. Made from 3/16" HSLA steel Laser cut and CNC bent. Bolt on or weld on 100 kit includes M14 grade 10.9 bolt, drill bit and thread cutting bolts 82.00 shipped 200 kit includes drill bit and thread cutting bolts (bolt can be re-used for the 200)...
  10. BMThiker

    All Pro skids for FJC refresh

    I've been beating the snot out of my skids since 2007. Last summer I started thinking about re-doing my skids and finally came to the conclusion that I would be better off just replacing them, instead of attempting to fix/straighten or fabricate something myself. I contacted All Pro and showed...
  11. E

    OEM skid good are they?

    Do they hold up well or is that something I should replace before heading to Moab?
  12. Gun Runner 5

    Gauging Interest ... Skid Plates

    Odd Iron Off Road in Thomasville, GA made this skid plate for my 77 Series Land Cruiser. (1/4" steel plating) He can make skid plates for virtually every Land Cruiser. They can be fabricated from 1/4" or 3/16" steel plating. Is there any interest in a product like this? Thanks
  13. Ironbuck

    Best Way to Remove Skid Plate Above Steering Arms

    I am working on replacing my power steering hoses. I removed the skid plate, but the steering dampener is in the way. Do I need to take the dampener off to completely remove the plate? Any help?
  14. clownmidget

    For Sale SOLD SOLD

  15. G

    Alum Skid Plates for GX470 w/ KDSS

    Hey there, I am looking at recommendations for Aluminum skid plates for a GX470 with KDSS. Thank you!
  16. BMThiker

    Diff Skids

    Who still makes rear diff skids for the FJC? I visited BudBuilt and they don't seem to market one for the FJC anymore, although they still have one listed for the '03-'09 4R (same axle/diff housing). The fact that he doesn't make them for current models of the 4R or list them on the FJC page...
  17. AllLC

    Wanted 1999 LC Armour

    Yup, Pretty much looking for it all... 1. Sliders - as long as their solid i dont care if their pretty- though price should reflect condition 2. Skid plates- what do you have- i really like slee's but not a must just need oem upgrade 3. rear bumper- again not picky about brand here as long as...
  18. W

    help with enabling 94 fzj80 Abs please

    I have a built fzj with added center diff lock button. I have searched the forums for a easy how to disable ABS, so I can do the reverse. Ideally I'd like to potentially have a switch so I can enable disable ABS while in Awd, but for now I just want to test it out. Why? I have read many...
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