Diamond axle help

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Dec 27, 2015
Livonia, MI

Putting together a diamond axle for my 1985 4Runner. Anyone know the orientation of the inner seal next to the differential?

Thanks, Christian


You always pound on the flat surface, not the spring side.
That is odd. How very Dana 44/60 of them. Do they also offer axle shafts with a seal surface there too? They'd have to or those seals would be useless. Assuming that the OEM location seal bores are still there I can't imagine wanting or needing those inboard seals.
The point of the seals is extra help. The axle doesn't have a polished sealing surface but im pretty confident the shaft is smooth enough to work just fine.
Although Marlins HD inners are head and shoulders over OEM, they can still leak. Locked front axle stresses those seals pretty good.
Yes, I see how that might be desirable to some, but using both seals creates a captured volume between them - generally considered bad design practice. Parker's manual for the design of O-Ring sealing specifically makes note of this and says if two adjacent seals are deemed necessary then there needs to be a vent for the volume of air between them. This is regardless of the distance between the seals. I'm betting the housing does not have a specific vent on both axle tubes in addition to the diff vent. If this is true, which it would be easy to do, it is a case where the designer(s) definitely got it wrong.
As much as i hate to admit it, @ntsqd was correct. These inner inner seals are basically worthless. This axles has been assembled for a couple months. I had to tear the diff out for a bearung issue.

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