Dash lights for 1995 80 series

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Mar 24, 2005
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone put togther an LED kit for replacing all the dash bulbs? I mean everything from the dash to the instrument cluster lights. Its time to replace all the burned out bulbs after 15 years. Instead of just doing a few, I want to do all at the same time.

If anyone has put together a replacement kit, please point me in that direction!

You can start here:


But I wouldn't use that vendor. Too expensive.

You can also look at the vendor section, there's a few guys here that sell kits.

Personally, I just buy all of mine from China direct. As a matter of fact, I just got a batch in today - I'm trying out different colors in the dash to see what I like best. Going to replace all the lights after I find the right combination of being able to see in the day and not being blinded at night...
Looking for Amber Dash Bulbs

Some of the bulbs in my '97 have burned out. I'd like to try replacing all of them with amber bulbs. Has anyone tried this? What color bulb configuration works best? Where can I order colored bulbs? Thanks for your help!
Bump, can anyone let us k is if they’ve done this?
just did this last week. there is a youtube and the biggest problem is that LEDs have to be installed only one way.

Any ways the bulbs are 194 wedge type and 74 wedge type. I ordered from superbright LED. Went with red and that is a great color as the dimmer can be left all the way up without a glare. only thing I wish is that I had done the turn signal bulbs in white and not red.
was not bad except you have to unhook gauges blind.

Again go red 194 wedge with white for the turn signal
I will be in tulsa in Jan. if you want to wait

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