Trade Dallas, TX: 1987 4x4 Toyota Van for 60 series (1 Viewer)

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Like the title says, looking to trade my 87 van, preferably for a manual 60 series. I bike to work 2 or 3 days a week, so its not quite a daily driver, but is driven regularly and holds up fine for commutes and fun, including hauling me and my bike on a recent road trip from Dallas to Phoenix.


Current mechanical/etc details:

1987 Toyota Van. Runs, drives, inspection is current. original 4y engine, auto transmission

Recent updates include:
- newly installed Aisin manual locking hubs.
- roof rack and awning.
- replaced timing cover gasket, chain, and gears ~5k miles ago.
- Summit aluminum racing radiator conversion.
- replaced ignitor, ECU, & distributor ~2.5k miles ago.
- new muffler ~3k miles ago.
- swapped rear door for spare with better latch/no rust holes.

Upcoming things on my to do list:
- track slow coolant leak (I just finished a 1000 mile road trip and the low reservoir light flickered the following morning. It looks like it lost maybe 1/2 qt over the whole drive.)
- repack/replace front wheel bearings (just finished this except the wheel seals sent were wrong part #, correct ones should be swapped in by the weekend.
- depending on how long I keep it I may replace the lower ball joints (w/ Toyota OEM replacements).
- replace heater controls with unit from an 89 (the 89 model updated cable design to help with the sticking problem the control spiders had) - working unit included with trade if i don't finish that swap.
- replace seals on a/c compressor and test charge.
- swap front shocks & adjust torsion for ~2” lift.
- swap rear shocks/springs, modify break cable hanger for 2” lift in rear.
- maybe replace/rebuild power steering pump. It leaks some and whines, so I’ve been driving without. No biggie except parallel parking.
- supplement sliding window seals with extra seal trim from a donor vehicle to account for heat shrinkage.
- swap in a hi/lo transfer case off a manual van if i can get my hands on one.

Other stuff:
- It has the factory chrome wheels with Maxxis Bighorn tires. They look good, and they’re fun off-road, but they’re loud.
- there are a couple of small rust patches starting that would be best dealt with before they need much. I may clean with a wire wheel and seal for the time being.
- depending on how long I keep driving, I may get the windows tinted.

I'd be willing to swap for something else interesting, but ultimately want a 60 series, so any 60s get first preference. Only interested in selling for enough to cover buying something else i want in the classifieds; it is my primary vehicle. I trust it on long hauls, so if you have a definite trade that I like outside north Texas, I'm willing to road trip out with it to make things happen.

Final caveat - I know this is my first post here; with the van I spend most of my internet time over on toyotavantech, and lurk here if i'm curious about adapting a more generic toyota part tp replace something on my rig. Just seemed like a better place to offer it in trade for a cruiser than the van specific site.

- looks like I can't edit the original title, but I'd be up for trading for any series, not just a 60, 50s through 80s preferred, or an interesting rando rig, if it's a manual.
- replaced the hose of death (tiny coolant hose at the back of the motor) this week and repaired the rear cylinder head plate in the process
- finishing front wheel bearing replacement and new Toyota lower ball joints going on this weekend assuming I get my wheel seals in.

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