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    My 71 55
  2. NorCal55

    Wanted  ‘73 FJ55 tailgate window motor pinion gear needed

    Anyone have a NOS or otherwise new-ish tailgate window motor pinion gear for a 1973 FJ55 (early version)? 3D file would work, if you have one. been searching and searching with no luck. Have younger girls who love riding with Dad in the wagon usually but won’t now due to exhaust fumes being...
  3. NorCal55

    ‘73 FJ55 Rear tailgate window gear and weatherstripping needed

    Anyone have a NOS or otherwise new tailgate window motor gear for a 1973 FJ55 (early version - see image for model needed)? also looking for sources for weatherproofing for the rear tailgate and window. been searching and searching with no love the wagon but won’t ride in it now due...
  4. HoopesRacing

    SOLD  FJ55 Seatbelts - 2

    Two FJ55 seat belts. One of them is cut but the hardware still works great, so an easy fix. Will ship. $20. Orange County, CA. Comment here or text me 9492573630
  5. 7

    For Sale  1978 FJ55 Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

    1978 FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser 2F Engine Manual Transmission Engine fires right up & runs great. Repairs required/Missing parts: - Alternator & Bracket - Front Grill - Steering wheel cover - Door skins & headliner - Radio Previous Repairs: - New Oil Pan - New Leaf Springs x 4 - New Thermostat...
  6. Mark Dickey

    For Sale  FJ40, FJ60/62 Parts. Body parts mostly (Dickey Sales) Through Offer Up App (California) Parts include at this time... FJ60/62 SOR me Ratio of cost top tail top gate w/o wiper Glass 350 Top tail top gate w/o wiper $425.00 255...
  7. 7

    For sale - 1978 FJ55

    1978 FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser 2F Engine Manual Transmission Engine fires right up & runs great. Repairs required/Missing parts: - Alternator & Bracket - Front Grill - Steering wheel cover - Door skins & headliner - Radio $11,000cad Located in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada.
  8. Wyuter

    SOLD  1977 FJ55

    Runs and drives. Original drive train. 4x4 works. I have a Confer rack that goes with it as well. 801-787-9848
  9. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted  wanted FJ55 to buy any condition

    Looking for a FJ55. I know they are hard to find but wanted to see if anyone had one. Im open to any condition or year. Been doing the Fj40s for a little bit and looking to expand my horizon.
  10. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! 68-77 FJ55 Tail Light Lens

    Hey MUD. The right hand tail light lens (passenger side) on my '74 piggy is cracked to hell with a golf-ball sized chunk missing in the middle. Looking for a replacement, not incredibly picky. Thanks! Calvin
  11. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW TX, 1978 FJ55 Wiring Diagram

    Original wire diagram for a 1978 FJ55. Could be used as a resource or as wall art. $shipped.
  12. Dustin Messina

    Fj55 Fenders For Sale SOLID

    Two pig fenders for sake. Passenger side is 100% solid no patches super hard to find. Missing up fender but I may have one that can go with it. Drivers side fender is straight, but has patches etc. Asking 350 obo on passenger side and 200 on drivers. Located in Brandon MS. Prefer pickup...
  13. AK72IronPig

    Rear Heater Fan to shaft connection?

    Trying to rebuild a crunched rear heater on my 4/72 Pig and the fan is free spinning on the motor shaft, was there a set screw there? shaft is not drilled thru to pin it. I appreciate the assist.
  14. SirBarton

    Wanted  1975 FJ55 Driver Door Striker Latch Wanted

    I'm looking for a replacement Driver's Door latch regulator for my 1975 FJ55. If anyone has one they want to sell, let me know.
  15. alohafj55

    For Sale  Hawaii: RARE TEQ Factory PTO Transfer case for FJ55 (Came off a 1979) EASY SHIPPING

    I have a RARE Factory Dual Direction PTO Transfer case for FJ55. In GREAT condition ready to bolt on to complete your restoration. See Pics. Easy to Ship. These are soo difficult to find. Verify Bolt patten to make sure it will fit your vehicle. Asking $700 obo (knuckle attached not included)
  16. myduffy

    Looking for the right rims

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some recommendations on a rim that would fit over disc brakes. These would also have to fit over locking hubs. This is for a 1973 FJ55. Thanks in advance!
  17. I

    General thoughts on this fj55 ad?

    Hey all, I’m looking out for a fj55 as a first car, and to beat ya to it I know how financially crippling and impractical it’ll be but I’m keen haha. Anyways I stumbled across this ad and from what I can see 5k AUD for one with 12 months rego seems awfully cheap. What should I look out for other...
  18. cnug

    71' fj55 new to Chattanooga. Looking for mechanic

    Just moved to Chattanooga from Washington state a few weeks ago. Looking for a knowledgeable mechanic close by... I attached a few pig pics...
  19. WartHog73

    Wanted  Left rear license plate assembly or glass needed

    hey everyone - looking for replacement glass or replacing the left rear license plate assembly on my 55. Any help appreciated - thanks greatly!
  20. Nottajeep

    The IronPig UJ-55

    As discussed, I am starting a thread so we can get this thing back out of the pig pen. Bought this truck in 2015 from Zack Penny based on word of mouth from Mike Blake. Truck was built and had some electric bugs to work out. As a matter of fact, it blew a fuse and died on my test drive at BP...
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