1. Pathfinder1794

    75 Pig doesn’t get the butcher block after all.

    first off, apologies to admin for posting this in FJ55 collectors section and thanks for giving me forum access again. I picked up yet another Pig from a buddy up north. The plan was to use the body (Very little lower rust) on our Project FJ155 but...... I made the mistake of taking it out...
  2. coffelt6

    fj40 gas tank in an FJ55?

    I have a destroyed fuel tank from my fj55 which is basically impossible to replace. So my solution to replacing the fuel tank while retaining the stock emissions system is to swap an fj40 fuel tank in the back with custom mounts and an fj40 fuel separator as they have three nipples on the bottom...
  3. LandSnoozer93

    The Antichrist 55

    Alright folks, here she is- @mwalls54 helped me for two weekends in a row pulling this 55 out of the woods. the previous owner named it the Antichrist, so I may take the liberty to change it to a new name haha I bought it for 500 dollars off of a family friend who used to DD it until he got...
  4. grantmccaleb

    For Sale  Utah: Fj40 turn signals

    I’ve got a box of FJ40 front turn signals, one rear signal, 2 lens, and a FJ55 rear signal. Selling it all together, $70 plus shipping.
  5. Mil Amores

    Mil Amores

  6. jkdur728

    Toyota Landcruiser Youtube Channel Fj60 Fj62 Fj55 Fj40 Part Outs, How To And Builds

    Hey there everyone. Ive been working on putting together cruiser youtube channel for a while now. Coming up on 100 videos or builds, barnfinds and all the adventures in between. Check it out if your looking for some cool content. Let me know if there is something you want me to bring to...
  7. Goliath

    FJ55 Window channel replacements, any suggestions?

    Hello FJ55 owners, My old truck has had the rear door windows pinned closed for years now because the channels that the glass sits is has corroded away. I approached SOR to see if they could source some but they were not interested. Does anyone know of a reproduction available anywhere? I'd...
  8. 77highlux

    The 71’ Piggy that got a 3uzfe

    Hello all! This will serve as a slow burning resto-mod for a 71’ FJ55 I’ve recently acquired. My first build centered around a 77’ pickup that currently has a 1uz v8 with 4x4 5speed. In the spirit of that build this little piggy will be receiving similar treatment. Currently, the rig has the...
  9. T

    Weatherstripping for a 1979 FJ55

    Hello fellow Pig owners / connoisseurs, Bought a 1979 FJ55 couple of months ago and have finally tuned the last bits of the 2F prior to mayor body & paint restoration. I'm currently in Costa Rica and parts for the 55 are notoriously hard to find if not shared with the 40 series so I'm sh**...
  10. HoopesRacing

    For Sale  Laguna Beach, CA FJ55 For Sale

    Thinking about selling my 1970 Pig. I will post some pics. Would anyone be interested. Low miles (103,XXX), good interior.
  11. EB7E6DD0-AEA9-41A9-8D66-D3B075AF86EE.jpeg


    My 71 55
  12. NorCal55

    SOLD  ‘73 FJ55 tailgate window motor pinion gear needed

    Anyone have a NOS or otherwise new-ish tailgate window motor pinion gear for a 1973 FJ55 (early version)? 3D file would work, if you have one. been searching and searching with no luck. Have younger girls who love riding with Dad in the wagon usually but won’t now due to exhaust fumes being...
  13. NorCal55

    ‘73 FJ55 Rear tailgate window gear and weatherstripping needed

    Anyone have a NOS or otherwise new tailgate window motor gear for a 1973 FJ55 (early version - see image for model needed)? also looking for sources for weatherproofing for the rear tailgate and window. been searching and searching with no love the wagon but won’t ride in it now due...
  14. HoopesRacing

    SOLD  FJ55 Seatbelts - 2

    Two FJ55 seat belts. One of them is cut but the hardware still works great, so an easy fix. Will ship. $20. Orange County, CA. Comment here or text me 9492573630
  15. 7

    For Sale  1978 FJ55 Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

    1978 FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser 2F Engine Manual Transmission Engine fires right up & runs great. Repairs required/Missing parts: - Alternator & Bracket - Front Grill - Steering wheel cover - Door skins & headliner - Radio Previous Repairs: - New Oil Pan - New Leaf Springs x 4 - New Thermostat...
  16. 7

    For sale - 1978 FJ55

    1978 FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser 2F Engine Manual Transmission Engine fires right up & runs great. Repairs required/Missing parts: - Alternator & Bracket - Front Grill - Steering wheel cover - Door skins & headliner - Radio $11,000cad Located in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada.
  17. Wyuter

    SOLD  1977 FJ55

    Runs and drives. Original drive train. 4x4 works. I have a Confer rack that goes with it as well. 801-787-9848
  18. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted  wanted FJ55 to buy any condition

    Looking for a FJ55. I know they are hard to find but wanted to see if anyone had one. Im open to any condition or year. Been doing the Fj40s for a little bit and looking to expand my horizon.
  19. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! 68-77 FJ55 Tail Light Lens

    Hey MUD. The right hand tail light lens (passenger side) on my '74 piggy is cracked to hell with a golf-ball sized chunk missing in the middle. Looking for a replacement, not incredibly picky. Thanks! Calvin
  20. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW TX, 1978 FJ55 Wiring Diagram

    Original wire diagram for a 1978 FJ55. Could be used as a resource or as wall art. $shipped.
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