Custom Rear Plate Bumper

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Feb 7, 2015
Eastern Washington
Been working on a rear bumper for my cruiser. I wanted something a little more low profile than stock and also want a swing out tire carrier. After looking around online I decided to build my own based on traits from a few I saw out there. So far I've got the basic shape done and am now starting in on making mounting brackets for it. I am taking notes as I go and when I am done I'll post up some drawings of the pieces to make it in case anyone wants to see them.

20150712_140347 (1024x576).jpg
20150802_141123 (800x450).jpg
20150802_162154 (800x450).jpg
20150802_141055 (800x450).jpg
20150711_170843 (1024x576).jpg
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The bumper is made from 3/16 steel. Since I don't have a brake to bend up long pieces of plate I used flat bar (2", 3", 6" and 8") to save on long straight cuts. The mounting brackets are made from 3/8" plate. I do have a brake to bend that but you could just weld the pieces together if you didn't have one.

In addition to the swing out carrier I still plan to add D-ring mounts, a flush trailer hitch mount and recessed LED back up lights.
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So I messed up a little and had to step back. As I was building I realized I had gotten the body misaligned in relation to the frame when I put my 1" body lift on. Didn't become apparent till I was lining up the bumper and saw that even though both sides where the same on the bumper they were not lining up the same with the body. Shouldn't be too big of a deal, may have to cut some tack welds off and adjust.
Little more forward progress this weekend. Got the mounting bracket made for the other side rear and started making up a bolt on bracket to go near the front of the wing to keep it from flexing.

20150816_161934 (450x800).jpg

Rear Bracket

20150816_161734 (800x450).jpg

Arm that will be welded to the bumper for the wing mount

20150816_161812 (800x450).jpg

Mocked in place. Will bend up the pinch weld to get a little clearance.

20150816_161846 (800x450).jpg

Bracket on the frame. Ran out of 8mm bolts but you get the idea. Used the 4 bolts for the exhaust hanger. Will add a new hanger further forward and cut off the pipe behind the rear wheel. On the other side I am drilling holes through the frame (there are 4 on the outside but no nuts in them like this side).
Nice simile to my idea but was planning to start off w/4 or 6 " C channel for the main and then plates after that, your looks cooler. Keep us updated. Great job.
Made up the brackets for the other side today. Also installed the receiver for my flush tow hitch.
20150830_150438 (800x450).jpg
20150830_150445 (800x450).jpg

Cut through both sides of the cross member and then welded it fully around the front and only on the top in the back (the bottom and sides are in the existing hole on that side so can't connect them. Think it will be fine as I don't plan to tow anything very heavy with the cruiser, just wanted to be able to handle a couple 4wheelers.
20151024_140206 (800x450).jpg

Also added M12 nuts to the holes on the bottom so that all 4 have threads. The plan is to make a plate the will cover this area when not towing and a second plate that has attachment points for the tow chains when I am.
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Just a little fyi, I'm currently building a tire carrier and jerry can mount off of this crossmember and now that I have a tire mounted to it, it does have a little bit of give/flex to it. Once I have it all mocked up I'll go back and add some plate and angle to a few key spots to beef it up. I'm also doing this trailer hitch mount as well, like you've done, and I also don't plan on anything heavy, I'll never break 40mph if I do! But having the option to tow something is nice
I love it. Very utilitarian. Share those drawings please!
Started work on the swing out tire carrier today. Got the spindle in and the main tube tacked up. I used the spindle kit from Ruff Stuff, seems pretty stout. They make it so you can weld the spindle right to the bumper but I went ahead and put in a piece of 1 3/4" 0.125 wall DOM as a sleeve. The sleeve sticks up 1/4" from the bumper and runs all the way down to the bottom plate. will be fully welded on both ends. The spindle is a tight fit to the sleeve so if I leave it in when I burn in the sleeve it (the sleeve) will shrink to press fit. I'll drill and tap the sleeve for a couple set screws for good measure. If I ever damage the spindle I'll be able to drill a small hole in the bottom of the bumper (into the sleeve area) and pound the spindle out with a punch and hammer.

20150919_134559 (800x450).jpg
20150919_134705 (800x450).jpg
20150919_134634 (800x450).jpg

I only went with a half gate. I'll probably add the other side down the road once I figure out what I want to put there. I cut the arm where it mounts to the spindle offset so the arm is flush with the outside of the spindle.
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Added the latch and stops today along with a gas spring to hold the carrier open. Made the stop out of UHMW so it will last a long time. Set it up so it acts as both the horizontal stop and the spot for the arm to rest on when the carrier is closed.
The latch is a 2000lb double action toggle clamp.
The gas spring is rated for 120lb. Right now it seems a little overkill as when you unlatch the arm it pops out and smacks you in the leg. Will see what its like once I get the tire mounted. The same size spring comes in several different force ratings.

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