cured clunk in drivetrain

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
just thought i would post this for info. I had the much talked about clunk after accelerating from a stop. some say it's drivetrain wind-up, some say it's calipers sticking. Bought a new grease gun and got a stiffy so decided to grease everthing i could. Clunk is gone! I guess it was a u-joint, but no more clunking! Here-here to Amsoil :cheers:
The clunk is usually caused by the drive shaft slip spline. If the U joints get that loose they usually eat themselves up in no time. I Find on my 80 that I need to grease the splines every few thousand miles to keep the clunk under control.
Does this mean I was right? :D

Hmm, I might just go grease my joints for fun... :cheers:
Advil may work to grease YOUR joints Dan. :cheers:
YOKE :-*
Don't go overbboard greasing the yoke/slip spline. One or two pumps will do.

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