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Oct 16, 2004
North of Boston
Looking for a good independent Cruiser shop to work on my 100, anyone have experience with these guys?

Club member and supporter. High end restorations.
Does quality work.
Tedd is a long time cruiser head. I have ordered parts and had the shop work on a couple of projects for me. Goes the extra mile to combat rust. Works mostly older rigs, but the crew is just as skilled with the newer models. Definitely recommended.
I had an issue with a front diff they set up for me. I was mad and re did it myself only to find out the parts I supplied were the culprit, not the quality of work. Before that both Ted and Moe were quite helpful in looking for a resolution. I would recommend them and they will get my buisness in the future.
ordered an arb bumper and warn winch for my 4runner from cruiser solutions warn sent the wrong winch but Ted took the time to make sure they got me the right one in a timely manner A+ service from my experiences
used them for a re-gear and front axle rebuild. awesome service, great work. would do it again in 90k miles for sure. i think i even got daily status calls!
I know he's a sponsor, and all, but...

My experiences were a bit more mixed than others'. I brought my 62 there twice for extensive maintenance, based on great feedback from folks on this site and on a great conversation with Ted at the begnning.

The work they did was great (and prices were fair), but the communication was lacking. I definitely had to initiate all of the communication in terms of status and costs. It was also alot slower than anticipated. Frankly, when I called for status updates, I felt like I was badgering them.

More recently, I called for a quote on wheels and tires - I explained what I wanted and then never heard back. I guess they didn't want the business...
Tedd, Moe and his crew have done outstanding work on my 60.

Even let me pick it up and drop it off on weekends when they were closed.

They are a top-notch operation in my opinion.

I haven't had them do any work on the 100 since it's in New York.
Not impressed.

I ordered some parts from Specter-Offroad and received my parts immediately. I took a chance and ordered some parts from CruiserSolutions on Aug 21 and it is now the 27th of SEPTEMBER.
I get no updates on the order.
I called them after two weeks and the guy lied to me and told me they should come off back order "that week".
I've called several times to get an update and nobody seems to want to answer the phone and nobody wants to return the answering machine messages I left.
I called today and some "other" guy answered and told me he that the that handles it was gone for the day and he had no idea how to help me. I hope the other guy doesn't die or nobody will get their order.
My project has been on hold while waiting for the item. I didn't anticipate this because the webpage said the items were "In Stock"
I won't use them again and advise you to proceed with CAUTION!
I called and asked how much to rebuild my engine. 7gs. Do you have a warranty? My word. Don't know you don't mean s***. I can get a newly rebuilt long block for 4 with warranty. Also tried selling a 60 series with a rotten frame for 5gs. I wouldn't go near them.

Thanks Bob.
20 K paint RU kidding? I was just going to call them about painting mine this winter. Any other shops south of Boston that does very minor rust and nice paint?
20 K paint RU kidding? I was just going to call them about painting mine this winter. Any other shops south of Boston that does very minor rust and nice paint?
Well it was actually a $10,000 quote but then Tedd said "If you going to spend $10K you might as well just spent $20K and get it done right. It seemed like he had very little respect for my money.
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I took one of my 80s to a local shop. They do extremely nice work. The truck is from CA with some bad peel. The guy said that the only way the owner would do the job is a complete strip, prep and total repaint. Because that would require removing all the flares, glass sun roof ect. the job would be around 7500.00. He then suggested alternatives that the shop doesn't use but would produce a nice looking truck.

I consider this shop a class act.

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