For Sale Columbia SC - 1991 hdj80 3x locked 300k kilometers

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United States
I have a 1991 hdj80 that is tripled locked. I bought it for a project and have decided to go another route. It has about 300km on it so around 180,000 miles. I have put an 120 amp terrain tamer alternator in it paired with two optima batteries, one red top one yellow. The A/C has a leak, I bought an ome condenser and dryer and put it in, I charged it and it blew ice cold for a week or so but then starting blowing warmer and warmer. It has a after market touch screen radio but it’s Japanese and no sound comes out the speakers, but the head unit plays and does everything it should. Even has Navi, but no sound... I removed one speaker when changing a window motor. The knuckles look good but deff have some time on them. The timing belt has two stickers which would represent to me it’s been changed twice. I think the u joints in the drive shafts need to be replaced. Truck came from japan and was a winterized model, has diesel fuel heater, has a blind you pull down for the radiator. Also has factory in bumper winch and the truck has the remote and all tools. Interior is very nice and clean! Serious inquires only please, looking for 12,500 for this eggplant turbo diesel!


5 speed or auto?

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