clutch slave throw

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Jun 27, 2005
San Jose CA
putting a 'new' engine in my '71. Same xfer and tranny. Same clutch slave cylinder.

BUT not the same 'throw' on the slave rod. Now it's tight at the shortest adjustment.

There was no disconnect of the any clutch hoses, and no leakage. Using the same old clutch everything.
It looked OK as I reassembled everything.

I'm hoping that doesn't mean I screwed up the clutch install operations and have to drop it to redo something in there.

Any ideas?

should have mentioned....the motor isn't in running condition yet, the clutch pedal is adjusted,
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Depending on the new clutch, flywheel and throwout bearing it doesn't have the wear and needs less rod length. Did you try pushing the slave rod in as far as it will go? You might need to shorten the rod adjustment too.
clutch wasn't new, used the old set.

There's no more adjustment on the rod.

Pulled the motor and am going to look at the clutch, etc.

When I changed engines, I used the whole thing from the flywheel to the fork.
I found that I accidentally installed a 3 speed fork and pivot in a 4 speed application, and the resulting throw ratio burned out my cheap Chinese slave. Think it was the next weakest link.
pulled the engine w/tranny and xfer. took the tranny off, checked the plate direction. Everything looked OK.
put the motor back in.

Still the slave rod is tight with no room for adjustment.

Will try to add threads to the rod, hoping that when I fire it up things will work...
You are certain the flywheel is completely seated? Same bell housing as before, correct? You could try and bleed the clutch. Maybe the clutch got pushed a little and bleeding will release it more. Not exactly certain I understand the issue, so I am just throwing out some thoughts that may help.

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