Clutch Line Fittings

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Feb 8, 2008
The Quick:
Are the male fittings threading into the slave & master clutch cyl. concave or convex?

The Long:
Clutch slave is leaking so time to replace slave and master cylinders. Am following the advice of kevinmrowland and am replacing my hard line with braided stainless brake line:
(-3an line) + (qty 2 swivel fittings) + (qty 2 10x1mm adaptor)

I've ordered the line and fittings...when the customer rep asked me a question: Convex or concave on the adaptor?

I guessed concave.:meh: Might have to change the order.

I'm still limping by with the leaking slave...refilling the reservoir every chance I I have not taken apart the old system to have a look myself. I figured that someone on MUD has seen these things themselves and might be able to save me the trouble of unhooking, re-bleeding, and continuing to drive with a leaky slave. (Thought: I probably can't bleed a leaking hydraulic system!)

So concave or convex? (I'm only assuming on how these definitions apply to a hydraulic fitting)

As always, THANK YOU!

concave convex.JPG
concave convex.JPG
We have a one piece hose we use for slave applications, although it is not made for the slave, it is actually a brake hose. Here's the deal:
(a) the firewall end is 10mm female and works perfectly.
(b) the slave end is 10mm male inverted flare (what you call concave), and does not work perfectly. Reason; The female threads in your slave cylinder are extremely deep. Our male threads are not that deep, so we supply a copper washer and the hose then bottoms-out on the copper washer instead of the internal inverted flare. This is akin to the copper washers used on both sides of a banjo fitting. it sounds like I'll need a copper washer on each end. I lucked out on the concave guess.

Thank you! :cheers:
HopLite, you will be set with the "concave" double flare I think it is called. Most of the adapters have threads plenty deep enough for the fittings.

Downey, I asked you this the last time you tried to sell your clutch line in our forum.
The 60 master and slave are on opposite sides of the engine, the line listed on your site is way too short to work, do you have one long enough for the 60?
And the solution I listed provides for a SWIVEL on both ends, incredibly important for easy serviceability. Does your hose incorporate a swivel?
If your solution does not meet these requirements, please stop trying to convince our 60 owners to use them.
Kevo - wise it in your first post, its worth reading again.

I took a roll of twine and traced the path of the stock hard line then measured it...80" on the nose. So I purchased 10' (120") of braided brake line with the intent of cutting to fit. Whatever I have left over will likely be useful somewhere else.

The 19" line definitely would not have made it on my 60.

Also, thank you on the additional clarification.

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