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Nov 4, 2016
Chicago, IL
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  1. 80 Series
60647 Chicago Illinois, United States
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Here's the CL post: Land Cruiser (limited edition 40th Anniversary) - cars & trucks - by...

Extremely sad to put this up for sale, but alas, I have to. Also excuse the sales writing for general public.

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Edition (#2267 of 3946) (3,063 built in this color) (not triple locked)
~250k miles

Have records on this going back including some from the previous owner, and put a lot of sweat and cash into getting this baselined for trustworthiness. Never "wheeled", no pinstripes. Everything works on it. Clean title.

The best version of the 80 series Land Cruiser (and now starring in Terminator Dark Fate!!) The last of the solid front axle Cruisers, with disc brakes and coil & shock suspension front and rear. This is a fantastic truck for camping and snow, and I regret having to sell it. I haven’t ‘wheeled’ it—just forest service dirt roads to access camping & fishing. Moving to a city I won't need it in. If you're looking for a winter/fun vehicle & safety is what you're looking for—here it is. I've used it as my only vehicle and it's been great—no better time than when gas is cheap!

May also be good for a gearhead teenager—airbags + it'd take some real talent to get a speeding ticket in this Cruiser… Huge network of Cruiserheads and knowledge base as well.

The 1FZ-FE 4.5L straight six is the most powerful of the available stock 80 power plants, and though slow, is much more livable on modern roads than the earlier 3FE slow pokes. Still basically a bombproof tractor engine. For more juice there is an impeccable turbo kit available from Wits End.

Airbags, Sunroof, No factory cargo rack (or the accompanying rust), speakers were updated by a previous owner. Have all seats with pristine leather (rare!).

Have all records of service under my ownership (including receipts for little things), plus a few from the previous owner. Would be a good candidate for a restoration/restomod or build for extensive off-road use—direction up to you. I bought this from a dealer and have since shaken out any serious issues—I've taken this on a few long trips (2 cross country) plus trips from NM to Southern Colorado and I'd trust it to do it again tomorrow. This spent most of my ownership in NM away from salt and rust.

Work performed/features added:

Valve Cover Gasket & Spark Plug tubes, spark plugs & wires, distributor cap, airbox intake hose & MAF mounting (shop said crankcase was extremely clean—unfortunately no pictures, but I can give contact info)

BFGoodrich K02 tires (265/75R16 Load Range E) less than 15k miles on them. +2 extras - one mounted/balanced to a spare wheel, one by itself. Also have a spare tire carrier, rotopax/mount & Thule bike rack I’ll include if I get my listed price.

Added CDL switch & pin 7 mod

Weathertech Rubber floor mats (full set) installed since I’ve owned it, included, plus roll-up front window reflective sunshade.

All fluids were replaced same month of purchase (Transmission fluid, coolant flushed and replaced, brake fluid), oil changes done myself every 4k miles. OEM filters only.

New charcoal filter for evap line. (duralast VC120)

New steering stabilizer (Old Man Emu) & Have upgrade replacement tie rod with ends from Trail Gear that hasn’t been installed yet I'll also include—current works, just an update I didn't get around to.

3 gal Rotopax gas canister + spare tire mount (with extension to carry another 3 gal canister)

Thule spare tire mounted bike rack

Coolant lines skip rear passenger heater due to rusted lines (very common due to poor rustproofing/location above exhaust lines). Lines can be replaced if rear heater is needed (it’s still installed), or heater removed from under passenger seat. When in operation it’s hotter than the Death Valley sun.

Very little rust, some on rear doors near wheel well & on rear bumper. Frame is solid

Tow hitch with wiring for lights installed, lifetime Uhaul warranty.

New O2 sensors installed

Rear brake pads, rotors + new rubber pin boots

Newer Battery w/ warranty

All leather seats are in pristine condition and have covers I can include. No rips in any seats. Some wear on drivers left side. Steering wheel is also in great shape, have had it covered entire ownership. Dashboard pad also perfect.

The negatives:
Wheels were a bit corroded, but are now sanded for repainting (yet to be primed, painted or resurfaced, your choice—have paint I can include)

Drivers seat needs a new plastic gear piece (another part I'll include) but works as usual.

Rear drivers side flare got ripped off. Replace flare or go de-flared all around, again, your choice (have the broken flare if you wish to go restoration route).

Along with the typical ‘D’ light indicator, a few other small interior lights have given up the ghost after 23 years—can be replaced with LED, just another I haven’t gotten around to/been ok with.

Rear hatch handle has a bit of rust on it. Have the replacement piece, just haven’t gotten around to replacing (still works fine)






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Dirt Ferguson

May 17, 2020
N. California
Nice looking 80. The first thing people here will want to see is pics of that undercarriage.

What were the circumstances of the rear fender flare being ripped off and that dent in the rear quarter?
Dec 10, 2007
Dirt Ferguson: click on then magnify the second to last photo above with the quarter panel damage, a bracket for a control arm is visible as is the rocker panel.
Nov 4, 2016
Chicago, IL
Dirt Ferguson: click on then magnify the second to last photo above with the quarter panel damage, a bracket for a control arm is visible as is the rocker panel.

Not sure what you're looking at, but to answer the original question, lugs sheared at 20mph and wheel came off taking flare with it. Lugs, shock mount, disc, pads, shock were all replaced at the dealer after and I have that paperwork. Have been really on the fence about fixing vs going deflared w/ bedliner siding, but I guess that call is up to whoever buys it & what they want out of ole Larry. You can see some behind-the-door rust in that photo, and if someone wanted to do a restoration it wouldn't take all that much, I just never had the time/money to do so, sadly enough.

Will also post some more photos including undercarriage. Really just surface rust down there.

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