"Chasing MPG in my 80 series Lx450" How I increased my gas mileage. (1 Viewer)

Mar 10, 2019
melbourne, Oz
It's about what I'm paying now. I think it was $5.05 when I drove by the station after work.

I see a consistent 17.5-18 commuting my diesel 80 and have seen 20.5 driving 65 on the freeway for a full tank of diesel.

This is with 315s and stock gears.
kind of relieved to read that!
Jun 26, 2004
east coast Canada
I just returned from a trip last week towing a empty cargo trailer. 12x6 single axle.

I have Toyo M55’s 255/85/16 @45psi and 50 psi on trailer tires.

I got 482km or 300 miles out of 82 litres of regular unleaded(87 octane).

$1.80 avg/litre

I get to 60/65 mph asap as I find that seems to be its best speed/mpg

Results were 13.61 mpg @60 mph. I’m happy with that!!

I have seen upwards of 18mpg @65 mph without trailer running P265/75/16 LTX Michelin tires prior to the LT255’s

All stock and baseline complete, with the exception of timing advanced a few degrees.

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Mar 6, 2009
Between pixels
Came across this guy a couple months back. Pretty amazing. IIRC he was averaging over 40 MPG with his 302 V8. Of course power was way down, but he said he had no problem maintaining 65 plus mph. I’m convinced science/engineering has purposefully made internal combustion engines inefficient. Also, lots of folks are saying they are getting worse fuel economy lately. I’m guessing they’re slipping in more ethanol into the fuel. When I first got my stk LX450, I was averaging 14-16L/100 kms in the summer and 16-18L/100 kms in the winter. I found it took a while for the diff oil to warm up in the winter which I’m sure killed fuel economy as did probably all other gear/driveshaft/driveline fluids/greases. I switched to synthetic diff fluid a while back which definitely helped in the winter. I’m surprised no one has mentioned air cleaner, points, spark plugs. It goes without saying all the above must be in tip top condition for max fuel economy.



Mar 24, 2017
Staunton, VA
interesting read. Thanks for posting @GW Nugget

I've done some very unscientific/lazy MPG estimates myself. Basically I just set the trip meter when I fill up and note # of gal filled.
I'm on 35"'s, 2.5" lift, with ARB, winch, sliders, and FULL wood drawers in the back. My motor has been pretty well baselined and all the prime suspects have been addressed.

I consistently get between 10 and 12.5 MPGs. 10 to 11 is more often 12.5 was on a long, hwy trip with not much hills and just me.

I would be shocked if I got close to 15mpg. good for you sir.

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