Can’t get top back on

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Feb 25, 2019
San Clemente, CA
Couple days in on 40 ownership and hid my first heads ratchet before I even had time to make a build thread.

Anyways, was going to take the top off, jacked it up about four inches and then decided to keep it on. But for the life of me it won’t go all the way back on. What am I missing? Thanks!
Did you loosen the pinch bolt on the inside of that b pillar?

Definitely damaged and cannot get the last centimeter. Think I’m just going to trim it.

That post has to go through a hole down inside the B pillar, on both sides of the truck, and it’s a real close fit. Doing it with the whole top assembled is near impossible.
You’ll be disappointed if you trim it.
^^^^^Why ???
Because it won't have two points of contact to locate the door frame properly. It might be just fine, but it might not ever line up correctly.
I left mine about 1" long for easier on/off, didn't have to lift the roof as high to get it off, never had an issue at all ???
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Just gonna add that my posts are cut to about 2" and its simple to take the top on and off, fully assembled, with a few friends. No door opening issues.


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