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Jun 4, 2005

I am dealing with this guy to get my money back paid for some parts. His handle is Wcruiserjunkie /real name Chris Wilson and Fletcher Lane II LLC paypal name/ and he is parting out a couple of 60s. I really suspect he is fraudulent and trying to rip people here. I paid $480 for OME lift springs but after asking pics for 3 days he sent some pics of other brands of springs. I still agreed to buy them and sent him the money. But delayed shipping for almost a month giving bs reasons and after I told him to cancel the deal and refund my money he disappeared. I filed a paypal dispute and only after that he refunded half of my money. I am trying to get the rest of my money without success. He doesn't reply to my messages even I threatened to go public. I made a claim with paypal and will see what happens. It looks like I am not the only one who got trouble dealing with him. At least on member complained about him here in the forum. But he managed to get his money back.
Yup he is screwing me too. He is exceptionally responsive when you are interested in buying something..............semi-responsive when you engage on initial status.......................then non-responsive when all the excuses dry up and so much time has passed that it becomes obvious the jig is up. He is all over Atlanta craigslist pushing used parts, even lists himself as being from Atlanta on some of his ads, TN on others, North GA as well. He has at least 12 ads on craigslist this very moment. I too have initiated a paypal claim, we'll see what comes of that. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay away from him. I have a deposit on a vehicle that he never delivered. I've got a portion back but he will not communicate with me. I'll be suing in small claims court. What he is doing is fraudulent considering he is selling things he does not have.
Having same issue with him. Was getting ready to start a thread when I saw this one.
If you don't mind can everyone Chris Wilson owes money and parts to please respond with the amount? He owes me $700. I really think what he is doing is fraud. To add to the issue he lives in a house according to tax records that is valued around $700k. I live very close to him and have met him face to face. It's very unfortunate what he has done by mis-leading people.
Sign me up.
Since its public record:
209 fleet wood drive
Lookout mountain, tn

I'll go with you just let me know
I plan on submitting a claim in hamilton county small claims court Monday to get my money back. I thought if there were enough folks who Chris has intentionally misled we all could pursue a criminal case of fraud, this way he would spend time behind bars. If we had any fellow mudders that were lawyers maybe they could help out. I'm serious about doing this as I may not get my money back but at least he will pay in some form.

I guess to put Chris in perspective the last text I got from him a couple days ago said I should show grace towards him as he was having a rough time. I think he needs to learn what grace means as he intentionally misled us and that is what fraud is defined as.
Count me in.
Actually, on Monday I'm reporting him to the authorities, both in his county and the Feds since it involves wire transfers of money across state lines. I live on the other side of the country, so I can hardly show up in small claims and he probably knows this. I'll post which agency's interested and you can also give them your info. Does anyone know if Tennessee's criminal courts provide victim restitution?
I paid him $200 and received half the stuff (over couple months and many pleas and excuses). Guess I should consider myself lucky.
I'm not for sure on the restitution but criminal court is adjacent to small claims so I can check. I made a mistake in my previous post in regards to his house value, it's in excess of $1m.
Duncan are you local to that area? I'm an hour and a half away but willing to meet up for a drop-in at his house or assist in court/filing stuff if you need another filer or witness. Certainly seems with this many "victims" that this would be considered criminal. Hopefully we can press hard and get our money back or teach him a lesson...........or both!
20% commission if you get mine as well.
I'm in the area. He lives about 10 minutes from where I work. I'll help in anyway I can.
Chris Wilson has surfaced briefly. I escalated both of my transaction to claims with Paypal and he issued a response to one of my claims stating that Paypal should refund my money. I suppose Paypal has frozen or reversed some of his transactions as in his response he states that his balance is in the negative insinuating that Paypal has withdrawn that money in light of what I assume are several disputes/claims. I'm no closer to getting my money back..........but at least we know he is alive and at least semi-aware of the s*** storm that is brewing. If anyone has success getting their money back please share your success stories for the rest of us to follow. Good luck to all and hopefully Chris Wilson will be held to account for what he has done and, by all appearance, continues to do.
I called Hamilton County Sheriff today to start the process. Come to find out, they will refer this to the local Lookout Mtn. PD who will be contacting me in a day or so to request more details. I made certain that they documented that I was one of several victims that will be working together on this. Once I get some clear direction from local law enforcement, I'll post specific directions here for you to take. Expect more information here in a few days.

I'm now going to file a complaint on the FBI site. Again, I'll let you all know how that goes and make sure that they know there are multiple victims.
... update

Local PD in Lookout Mtn TN has visited the home at 209 Fleetwood. They have confirmed that Chris lived there during 2014, but has moved out. He rented the place and it is now occupied by someone else.

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