Braking pulsation with uneven pad and rotor wear.

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Dec 10, 2007
I put new OEM reman calipers, DBA rotors, and non-OEM semi-metallic 100 series pads on about 5000 miles ago. After a few thousand miles I started to get brake pedal pulsations pretty bad. Pulled out the pads on the DS tonight and found uneven wear on the outside edge of the outboard pad and rotor. The strip of decreased wear/contact on the rotor only goes about half way around the outer edge of rotor. The inboard surface of the rotor and that pad are wearing evenly. Here are some photos: First photo shows the decreased contact area of the rotor, notice how it stops abruptly. Second is a close up of that area, the irregular surface was a tad rusty from not being wiped off by the pad. Third shows how the outside edge of the pad is not wearing at the same rate as the rest of the pad. Anyone else see this when using 100 series pads?
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My .02

Going into water while rotors are HOT can warp them. (on most vehicles) Our Rotors are beafy but you never know.

I would have the rotors re surfaced, maybe new pads and try again.
1% of the time the rotors are actually warped...99% of the time there are deposits from the pad causing the pulsating. The deposits happen because the pad overheated. Very very hard to warp a rotor, it would have to have been glowing red for that to even be a consideration. Seeing that half of your pad is doing all the stopping than surely this is what happened. But why are you not getting full pad contact, that is the question. Probably one or more pistons on the caliper have seized.....or.....perhaps the pad was not installed flush and/or broken-in correctly

oh and btw...a shop will not resurface drilled rotors
I have to believe Kernal will be able to find a shop that will re-surface those rotors.
I considered a stuck piston(s) but the area of decreased wear does not go all the way around the rotor and the inboard side of the rotor is polished almost like a mirror which I don't recall ever seeing before?? The pads I'm using are a high content metallic pad.

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