Mar 12, 2007
OK, OK, I get the picture! I just signed on this website and I understand that I should introduce myself. I am hesitant to say too much at this time but I did own a 1993 Jeep YJ a few years ago but decided to sell it to buy a truck - you know - yard work, renovating a heritage home, etc.... Anyway, after I sold it I was kicking myself because it was so much fun to drive. I just bought a 1984 BJ42 in BC last weekend. It has an Aqualu tub & ft fenders. It was an ICBC salvage vehicle that needs to be inspected now so I am a little apprehensive about what it requires to pass inspection. One of the inspections will be done by the body shop to check the frame's condition and the next with be the mechanical inspection. I am more concerned with the frame inspection and hopefully it will pass without any glitches. I went down to my local Toyota dealer to order some parts and found that they are either expensive or obsolete. Fortunately there are after market parts available for this vehicle. My biggest question, at this time is, is the FJ40 frame & body parts the same as those used on the Bj42? And I read somewhere there is a 24 volt to 12 volt inverter for the BJ42 so you can run an aftermarket radio, cooler, etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated and would boost my morale at this point. Thanks, Bob
Dec 13, 2006

congratulations with the BJ, it will beat the "jeep feeling" big time;p
I was kicking myself i ever bought a jeep will be the next thing you writhe. lol
The frame fj and bj 40/42 are the same.
The converter you can buy aftermarket but normally the guy before you has already installed one. (Radio's on 24V are very rare),just consider what kind of Amps you like converted (fridge,CB,Radio,.....)

Good luck with you're frame, and welcome

By the way we love pictures


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Nov 5, 2004
i tried to post this last night but got disconnected.
1st Welcome!
... and Congratulations!
Lot's o stuff that transfers from FJ40's to BJ40/42's. All the drive line and running gear, transfercase and body stuff are the same. The main differences are the 3b, tranny and 24 volt lights.
Oh and if you can't get it to pass or if it's too much for you to handle (seriously) I'll be first in line to buy it. I'm over on Vancouver Island.
Dec 27, 2005
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Welcome and congrats. The 84 model BJ42 is the crown jewel of all the LC's(factory power steering,5-spd. tranny, and the 3B diesel engine). Take a visit on the diesel board and be sure to post pics. Do a search for solar converter. probably the most popular of the 24-12v coverters plus the added benefit of battery equilization.

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