Best weather mat options

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Aug 20, 2012
McKinney, TX
ok, did a search but didn't find much. If you're wanting to have rubber mats in the FJ60 is WeatherTech AVM or Hexomats the best options out there.

was hoping to find a single mat to go across the section for the back seats. Sounds like the mats on CruiserCorps sites are pretty thin.
Cruisercorps has some nice rubber mats for our trucks. I'm planning on getting some.
There must be info on a certain truck mat that will fit the wheel wells of the rear cargo area on 60/62's. I never have wanted to take the time to figure it out. The stall mats are a bit overkill imo
I use the cruiser corp mats both front and rear and have been very happy.
I haven't measured anything but just by eyeballing things it looks like the footwells (both front and rear) of an FJ80 are pretty close to an FJ60/62. Might be an option to see if something listed for an 80 would work. It's been a while since I check this out so I could be way off?
i was wondering about the cruiser corp stuff...just looked super thin in the pictures.
Walmart. Cheap universal front floor mats. And a truck mat for the back row, trimmed a little to fit. I've had the back mat for a long time. Maybe ever since I've been driving my 60. And the front mats I replace when they wear out. Only on my second set. There is probably less than $75 invested in all those mats.

With any mud or water proof floormat you do need to consider the fact of not giving the water a place to escape. The mat should capture it and not let it get on the carpet. That's my issue with any cut to fit mats from "x" material. Probably not going to have a place to trap water or mud.

My cheap mats do though :hillbilly:

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