Best Price on OEM CVs

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May 17, 2019
San Francisco
Where are you guys getting OEM CVs from? I was thinking about re-booting mine due to the a ton of grease slung from the boots, but I'm getting a fair amount of vibration over 65mph, so it's probably best to just replace the CVs and the hub flanges instead.

Looks like $490 shipped to California from Camelback. Is there a better place to source these?
@datsleepyho I'm not sure that their prices on CVs will be lower, but for the OEM parts I've needed they have beaten my local dealerships handily.

You could ask them about rebuild kits too.
350 when I looked this morning.
I think you have the wrong part number.
When replacing the CV, I want to replace the hub flange and hub flange gasket right?

Can anyone verify these part numbers and let me know if there's any other parts that should be replaced as part of this maintenance?

Hub Flange 4342160030
Hub Flange Gasket 4342260070
McGeorge parts:
43430-60040Axle Assembly$354.482$708.96
42323-60030Washer Cone$1.2612$15.12
90170-10039Nut Hexagon$0.9212$11.04
90201-10075Washer Plate$1.0812$12.96

Flange gasket# appears to be correct.

You may also want the front bearing kit from Cruiser Outfitters:
2x FAWB9807T (front wheel bearing kit, includes flange gasket)
2x FAWB9807TKIT (various sized snapring/c-clips)
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When replacing CV Axles- it is best practice to replace flanges including all flange hardware as well as the outer snap-ring making sure to get the correct thickness in order to achieve less than 0.20mm gap. This ensures that all new mating surfaces provide minimal backlash and long term matched component wear. This is one job that you dont want to skimp on.
Norwalk Toyota...shipping is less, but then you pay CA sales tax. I got mine from there
I ended up getting basically everything sharkCamo had suggested, including the bearing kits from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters. Now just need to find some space to do the work.

Here's the list of tools that I'm gathering for the job:

54mm socket - removing hub nut
Brass hammer - releasing knuckle from control arms
Air hammer - removing cone washers
Torque wrench
Breaker Bar
Assorted Sockets
Seal puller
Grease Gun
Snap Ring Pliers
Regular Pliers - removing cotter pins
Flathead Screwdriver - bending lock nut tab

Anything missing from this list?
Side question related to CV’s...
While changing my oil yesterday I noticed my right front CV had a little bit of grease coming out. Just seemed to be coming out of where the clamp is. Anyone ever have this?

Wondering what the solution is. Can I just get a new clamp? Should I add grease? It is minimal so far coming out but I don’t want it to go too long without being resolved.

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