Best lube yet for tailgate/rear tire carrier: Graphite


Apr 29, 2011
Boulder, Utah
I grabbed some of this Blaster Graphite lube at Home Depot for a household door but decided to give it a shot on my swing out tire carrier and, even harder to loosen up, the lower tailgate. This stuff IMMEDIATELY penetrated in a way that various silicone sprays has never even come close to accomplishing after repeated soaks. My lower tailgate almost falls open now whereas most of the time I've owned this truck I've been concerned about breaking sheet metal because it's so difficult to move.

GRAPHITE DRY LUBRICANT - B'laster Products -

It is marking in that it leaves a gray graphite film, however it's worth it to not break my tailgate.

Why wouldn't this be great in the sunroof mechanism?!? It shouldn't collect dust like every other lube which is huge here in dust country, and it penetrates crazy well. Is that a bad idea?

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