Belt length/napa part number?

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Dec 10, 2002
Juneau, AK
Has anyone put a belt from crank-alt-water pump? Trying to limp my truck around til I can get a new smog pump...
gut the pump, or just get one of the pump eliminator brackets available from several vendors and at least one member on here......unless of course you need to pass smog tests.
I wanna say you can use one of the stock length ones, but I don't remember which one I used when I had my smog and PS bypassed.

Also, general rule: find a longer old crappy belt and cut it, then use it on the pulleys to find the length you need. Then, you can usually get a size in either direction at the parts store, see which works, and return the two you didn't use.
Think to eliminate the SP you have to eliminate the power steering pump as well. Mine was setup with a belt like what you wanted but don't know what the number was.
Put a NAPA 25-9355 around the crank and water pump. It's exactly the right length to fit with out a tensioner in that loop. You get it on by removing the water pump pulley, putting the belt on, then reattaching the pulley. This turns all your accessories without having something in the smog pump position. That leaves the configuration as Crank:Alternator:power Steering Pump, Crank:Water Pump, and Crank:AC

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