Axle movement???

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Mar 28, 2003
Minneapolis, MN
I have a weird question for you guys. 95 FJ80 with 169k, Original stock suspension.

Has anyone ever felt like the front axle assembly on their truck moves back and forth when braking? When coming to a stop, I would swear that the truck/body moves above the axle assembly like something's loose under there. No, I have been drinking.
Could be something loose in the suspension, or maybe loose body mount bolts. Have you gone through and checked everything?
No, I have not checked everything.
I do need to replace the tie-rod ends because I have to much slop in the steering but this back and forth movement is just weird. I can feel it even when stopping from a slow speed.

I'm wondering if some of the original bushings are shot.
I second the bearing

I had the same sensation on the truck I just bought. Before I even thought to start wrenching, I wanted to get it registered so I could drive it around and get a feel for my new toy. When I took it for NY safety inspection, it failed for loose wheel bearings. I had a long to-do list for the next couple of weekends, so I stupidly asked them to repack and tighten them up so it would pass. That fixed the floating sensation... $300 later :mad:. To make matters worse, I have soup, so it's all coming back apart anyway. :bang:

Serves me right for being lazy.
Yes, the rear bearings need love too. Check the FAQ for a write-up.

I would check your slip-joints on the drive shafts. My rear one is worn out and if I don't have enough grease in it, I get a clunking noise.

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