Aussie 55 Restomod

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Aug 27, 2006
Gladstone Qld
Hi guys, new to this section but been on mud for some time. Looking for a 55. Should be flying down to Brisbane in the next fortnight to have a look at this 55.

It looks tidy, I'm hoping it won't take too much to bring it back to life. I am familiar with Landcruisers but never had anything to do with 55's, what should I be looking for that might give me trouble.

The dealer offered to deliver it over 600km to my house for the asking price, not too bad I think.

Also had a look in my local wreckers today, found a 55 and a 60 there both with power steering and the 60 has a 2h diesel and 5 speed!
Nice find.
She seems in good health. Check gutters, A pillar near the down corner of the windshield, rockers and front fender...
Thinking about taking a vac gauge down to check engine health, worth getting a compression tester as well? I can handle doing rust repairs or engine work but not both, want to make sure it runs well before I drop my hard earned into it.

Got the dealer to send me some photos of the trouble areas, they are being very honest about the condition of it. Almost impossible to post pics from my current location, I'll post more later.

It ,depends on your goal. If the engine runs , IMO for a not daily drive car, if burns a little oil, does it matter?
It won't be a DD, at least for the next 4 years anyway. My main concern is being broken down on the side of the road or worse out in the bush, there is a lot of nothing out there I would like to explore.

Until I trust it I won't be going far from home or out alone. Luckily I sold my 80 series to a friend so I always have a recovery vehicle.

If the stock motor gives me grief I'll threaten it with being replaced by a 1hd-t!
Well I couldn't wait, I bought it! Should be trucked up by the middle of next week.

Now the build up can start!
Welcome to the sty...
Plans overall depend on the condition of everything. I'd like to keep it original as much as I can, especially the interior. No hacking of the dash will occur, if I run a new stereo I will hide it under the front seats and Bluetooth my phone to it.

Body work will be the first job, I would like to restore it as best as possible to showroom finish, my wife wants a 2 tone off white and seafoam green paint job.

As long as the motor runs well it will stay put, but if it gives me grief I will look at swapping in a 1hd-t and 5 speed.

I'd like to upgrade brakes if I can, I have a bunch of 60 series stuff in my shed. And a small lift with 33s is in order.

After that I'll fruit it up with a winch and tire carrier and all the other little goodies. Might even throw on the jdm fog lamps I got from Mot way back in 06!
Nice looking stock pig. Post up some more pictures when you get a chance.
This will be my build up thread, plenty of photos and probably questions to come!

First job is to clean out my garage and get it set up, it's still half full of crap packed in boxes after moving house back in September!
Then get a 15amp gpo wired up so I can run my welder. Also gotta scout out parts for a full service and tune up.
a 55 w/ PS would be a '78 or later, very nice find! Are the tail lights on that 55 intact?

Didn't look at the lights, if I make it back there next week I can grab grab them for you if they are good. Already grabbing some stuff there for another mudder.
Power steering pump and box are now safely stashed in my garage! I had a look at those lights Pablo, I'm afraid they are cactus.

What a day though, it was 35 degrees C by the time I got to the wreckers at 9am! Forgot my water bottle too. Luckily everything came out easy, no stuck bolts and minimal bad language.

Here is the rusty 55 that will live on through mine.
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I have a 55 showing up in about an hour and a garage that still looks like a pigsty! Pun intended!
You don't want to see my garage!

But here is a damn fine looking pig!

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