ATSs or MTRs???

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Mar 28, 2003
Okay all, so I'm close to ordering my OME 851/860s and cN73/N74E shocks -- THANKS for your advice on those --

-- next question is tires -- once my LTXs crap out, I'm looking at 305/70R16s --

-- my question is whether to go with the MTRs or ATSs -- I drive 90% on-road, and don't want to get killed with gas mileage, road noise and tire longevity --

-- so, logic begs me to go with the ATSs, but the MTRs just look better -- the ATSs look like something I'd put on my Civic --

any thoughts??



Here's the MTRs --


How much did you have to trim out of the Civic fenders? :D

I mentioned in another thread that the ATS is probably more suited to your needs. We just NEED to get past your WANTS ::)

I currently have BFG AT's, they wear forever it seems. I too was pondering at the time MT or AT, went AT. I'll tell you this, the BFG AT's are way more aggresive looking then the Goodyears. That said those AT's if you ever get in any kind of mud situation won't be worth :flipoff2:, even with lockers. My next tire will definetly be a MT maybe even a swamper tire (yea I am listening Junk :)) Took my cruiser after I had lockers front and rear, these new AT's and went in back of my dads place in spring, sticky mud. The tires filled up and the cruiser sat there with the raised lettering on the tires still showing, all four wheels spinning as I got out of the vehicle and walked around to observe it sitting there in low range idling all four wheels spinning helplessly. Thank God I had the winch, even so it was pretty emberassing. Go MT's if you think you will ever be in mud, or make sure you have a winch or someone to pull you out :D

Thanks all for your help -- the ATs it looks like --

BTW, what is this??

You could get the Goodyears, then after you put a rock or log through the sidewall, or the MTRs don't have tread at 25K, then switch to BFGs, or you could just get the BFGs and be done with it the first time...

(I haven't had good luck with Goodyear tires, and have had absolutely no problem with the last 5 sets of BFGs on three rigs...)


I just looked at tire rack.

GY ATS 305/70/16 $139.00
BFG AT 305/70/16 $184.00
GY MTR 305/70/16 $175.00
BFG MT 305/70/16 $189.00

I have BFG AT's on my Dodge truck. I plan to replace them with ATS's when the time comes, FWIW.

I would definitely go with BFG ATs. I have these on my F250 with 25k miles, they probably have another 40k left on them. They are relatively quiet and ride great.

I have a FJ40 with new Goodyear MTRs on them, extremely noisy, wear quick and are very uncomfortable. They look great, but I wont buy them again.

Granted, take in consideration the difference of the vehicles, but I've owned both sets of tires recently and still plan to put BFG ATs on my recently acquired FZJ80 - once I get the engine problems straigthened out.

Here's the BFG AT I found -- now I've got to figure who sells them around me --

"3FE and BFG", It sorta rhymes nice. ;)

So does "1FZFE and no BFG for me" :p
If you're looking for a good place to buy them, and you don't have anyone locally, try I just ordered 5, and no shipping and no tax. Plus, they were cheaper than Super Wally's, too.
thanks, wob -- i almost forgot about having to order a 5th tire!

what'd you get??

Brother has MTRs on his truck (well he did)..terrible, loud and didn't last for the price....BFG's would be my choice.
I am 3FE powered and I am running 265/75R16 Uniroyal AWTs right now.

I think they make a 285/75R16 as well. I know you probably have 15 inch rims so I am not sure what they have in a 15....

I like these just fine, good wear, no problems on light trails...

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