ARB / XD9000i / FJ60

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Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
So last weekend I got a free Warn WD9000i

Has anyone been sucessful in mounting a Warn XD9000i (solenoid pack integrated in top of winch housing) into an ARB bull bar? ARB says no but with a spacer could it work?

Option 2, SafariGard bull bar. Still waiting for repley from them on fit.
I spoke to Safarigard (what i have on my rig) and they said that it was designed for 9000 series winches among others. I also got a free winch and plan to install it soon. The one thing they said about it is that you have to cut the valence under the grill to make provisions for the winch.
I know about the Valence clearance with the SafariGard. What I am worried about is the solenoid pack with either bumper.
I would go Safari Gard....Much less over hang....but does require cutting for a winch...I have had both and like the Gard better:beer: :beer:
Either way I'd pick the SafariGard. I think they look alot better, not that there is anything wrong with the ARB.
I purchased a Warn 9.5ti (I know I'm a sucker, because I should have held out for a free one). I looked into an ARB and was told that it would fit if it was rotated so the bottom of the winch is facing forward. Although I didn't buy the ARB and ended up making my own bumper.
That is a smokin price.....I paid like 750 and picked it up....but then again I got one of the first ones...
Are they made by Safarigard or Rock Solid Ofroad? I have tried to contact RSO and haven't heard back from them. I love this bumper. I have the picture of the silver FJ60 with that bumper for my screen saver. Is the bumper sold through Safarigard? Thanks.
The bumpers are made by SafariGard.....Mike, at RSO had worked a deal with them to be the reseller on the west coast.... I havenm't spoke with them in a klong time...but I imagine you could call Safari Gard directly and buy one...
guys post some pics! id like to see how they turns out!
I received mine (will receive mine) as compensation as well...rebuilt a guys front end. Will post pics when i get it mounted. You will not be disappointed with the bumper...really well build and does have better clearance than the ARB. I like to be different as well.
got a call from SafariGard today. Bumper just went to powdercoat. Should ship out early next week. That's a lot faster than 4-6 weeks as originally indicated. Will post pics of bumper when it arrives. If anyone wants a specific shot before I mount it please speak up.

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