Anyone recommend these tires?

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Aug 28, 2003
Any suggestions or comments on these tires for the 80 series. They are reasonably priced and rated pretty good on's survey ratings.

Dunlop Radial Rover A/T (Highway All-Season)

Sidewall Style: Outlined White Letters
SR Speed Rated Price: $92
Dunlop was an OE tire on the 80 in addition to Bridgestone and Michelin. It was not the tire you posted, It was more of a hiway tire. Dunlop makes good tires at a reasonable price.
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I've recently been pondering one of the great questions of life. When one runs directional tyres, how does one mount a directional spare tyre on the wheel?

Um, .....One way or the other?

Good point, the Wulf mentions that as I run directional t(y)res. Ideally one would have 2 spares, one for each side. My spare is mounted as a RH side tire. The main issues as I understand them are: Tread cleaning and bite. I have not had an occasion to run one of mine backwards. I reason that if I have a flat on a front tyre and my spare points in the wrong direction, I would move the rear to the front and put the spare on the rear.

I saw a Silverado running all 4 backward :D

It didn't sound right.

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