Any local fluid film applier?


Nov 1, 2005
Fairfax, VA, GWNF, SNP
I was lucky enough where I only had minimal surface rust.
Price is relative to the amount of prep work, and application/cost of materials that is required.
(Yeah, I know you knew that, I just like stating the obvious. ;) )
Which includes (but not limited to) cleaning the undercarriage, masking areas off, descaling rust, etc.
They obviously can't get every square inch. It's more than well enough covered to where I can take care of the remaining obscure areas with a small brush, as I discover them.

Contact Ian or Matt, to discuss your needs.
Show him what you have, and they will explain in detail what they can do for you.
It's more involved to coat a boxed frame, as opposed to C channel frame. That's a discussion that might need to occur in great detail.
They typically have a customer vehicle to show you on the premises.
They do have Sat. hours.

{btw. I am in no way affiliated with APS, just a repeat customer of their services}
Nov 12, 2017
Baltimore MD
Hey all, I'm about to do this and had a question that you can hopefully help with. Once Fluid Film has been applied and you get the bottom all muddy, do you wash the undercarriage or just leave it muddy year around? If you wash it, that doesn't wash the FF off too?

Do you need to get all the mud off before FF is reapplied the next year?
Mar 17, 2016
Ellicott City, MD
I’m having under carriage done by Atomic Auto Salon this Friday. Will let group know the cost and results.
So took the 40 in to get fluid film applied at Atomic Auto Salon in columbia and did not have the best experience. Took 2+ hrs since they wash the undercarriage first before applying fluid film. Got home and gave a careful inspection and realized that all they did was spray straight up all parts (i.e. leaf springs) that are exposed completely were covered with film on the underside but the top side was bone dry. I also found much of the frame boxing was not properly sprayed internally. Net net is I called immediately and complained and the owner called back in 5 minutes and said he would personally redo it today. Took it back and the guy did the entire undercarriage over again with a heavy hand. End result is good but I wouldn’t recommend unless you get the owner (Dave) to do it. All the other techs really aren’t experienced in applying the product. In addition it was expensive at $240.

Happy to post photos if anyone is interested.
Oct 21, 2010
Near DC
Boom, done:
Fluid Film Undercoating Kit 1 Gallon with PRO Spray Gun, bottles, and everything you need Amazon product
Stump, i actually have that kit in my AMZ cart, waiting to do my brakes/birfts/splashguards before i spray. i figure no one will do as good a job as the owner, since it's about effort/time vs. a skilled trade. i've seen the youtube videos, being non-toxic, seems like avoid overspray on electrical bits, account for the smell, and misting. i will do it outside wearing a tyvek jumper and a small pancake compressor powering the gun.

and when i saw my wife's 200's frame, and how it has open box/tube sections/cross-members, i thought "this screams for the spray wand attachment to spray the inside" and changed from the gallon of liquid to the kit, vs using a spray bottle i already had.

once i do it in a month or so, i'll post review and pre/post pics of both vehicles.
Nov 30, 2018
Marshall, VA
I was just thinking about this yesterday. Has anyone applied it themselves? Can it roll on or does it get sprayed? I hear it doesn’t smell good. Wonder if it’s a bad idea to use inside doors and quarter panels?
The Toyota Dealerships spray it on with a special gun.


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Mar 1, 2002
I just did the Taco with the kit from Amazon. It’s really not that bad to do yourself.
Oct 4, 2018
That kit seems like a really good deal. They sell just the spray gun for $90 by itself. It's on my list.

Also if it's good enough for Roothy...
I saw that video last week. Been wanting lanolin ever since... what kind of sprayer you thinking of? The hand pump one looked adequate in the video...
Jul 10, 2017
I came across that video too and fell down a rabbit hole of fluid film/undercoat videos. This one was good and demonstrates the kit stump linked above. Catch is the compressor for me at least. Maybe the kit could be a club tool? BYOFF...bring your own fluid film

Anyone know of a lanotec equivalent sold here?

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Oct 13, 2017
Fairfax, VA
But why to apply the FF now? Isn't it best to start the cycle at almost or near to end of Summer/start of Winter?

I had mine Krown'd before the start of the winter last year, so far so good. Didn't see it come off after many undercarriage car washes with high pressure wands
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