Any local fluid film applier?


Nov 1, 2005
Fairfax, VA, GWNF, SNP
I was lucky enough where I only had minimal surface rust.
Price is relative to the amount of prep work, and application/cost of materials that is required.
(Yeah, I know you knew that, I just like stating the obvious. ;) )
Which includes (but not limited to) cleaning the undercarriage, masking areas off, descaling rust, etc.
They obviously can't get every square inch. It's more than well enough covered to where I can take care of the remaining obscure areas with a small brush, as I discover them.

Contact Ian or Matt, to discuss your needs.
Show him what you have, and they will explain in detail what they can do for you.
It's more involved to coat a boxed frame, as opposed to C channel frame. That's a discussion that might need to occur in great detail.
They typically have a customer vehicle to show you on the premises.
They do have Sat. hours.

{btw. I am in no way affiliated with APS, just a repeat customer of their services}
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