Any interest in the side mirror dust boots?

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Jan 7, 2022
Hi everyone. New 80 owner here and new forum member.
I was hoping to gauge everyone's interest on how much you would like to replace the cracked, brittle, or torn rubber dust/grease boots that are on the back of our side mirrors.

I was recently fixing the side mirror wobble issue and notices mine were torn to pieces. After scouring the internet it appears that these are no one where to found individually as Toyota thinks of the power winder adjustment module as a single part. I don't feel like replacing the whole thing, so I'm talking with some custom rubber manufactures about getting some made.

If there is interest, or you have just been living with it, let me know if you'd like to get them replaced. Pricing will be determined on quantity ordered, but shouldn't be to high.

Are these something you would make up, 3D print, order from a manufacturer or??
Are these something you would make up, 3D print, order from a manufacturer or??
I’m working with a custom rubber molding/manufacturing company local to me.

I personally need 4 of them, but I’m going to put in an order for 50 units and see what they’re price is going to be. Depending on that price I’ll see if I need to up the order to make it a reasonable price to offer to others.
What function do they actually serve and are they critical? First time I've read anyone having a concern about them??

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