Any advice for a '86 Xcab center console?

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Jun 14, 2005
San Antonio, TX
I've not been able to locate a used factory center console for my '86 pickup and was wondering if anyone has come up with an aftermarket solution. I removed the bench seat and installed a nice set of buckets (truck originally had buckets but PO replaced with bench). A gray, factory console would be ideal but I started thinking there might be a heavy duty, lockable steel box out there too.

89-95 4runner console would probably work
If you can do without oem, then check out the jeep websites. Lots of aftermarket consoles made for Jeeps. Steel, lockable, cup holders, c.b. radio mounts, speakers built in, anything you can imagine. Might have to get creative mounting it in a Toyota though.
Jeep Consoles, Security & Storage - Quadratec
I just bolted in an ammo can. Gets the job done. :meh:
If you have $$ try Tuffy products. Good $tuff.
'85 ext cab. Tuffy.. it was a gift :D

Now I'm hinting for seats!!! :lol:

Call Future Cars in Coplay, PA (610) 261-2284. The guy who owns it is Deetze. He would ship something like that and probably has it in stock. I live about an hour from his place and bought one for $40 about a year ago.
I have a console from a 98 4runner in my 85 ext cab. I have an auto and the console mates up to the trim around the shifter perfectly. I too swapped in 4runner buckets for the bench seat.
I'm going to give up on the factory box. I found some nice "gun safe" consoles that should work.
I'm going to give up on the factory box. I found some nice "gun safe" consoles that should work.

Please post pics of what you come up with. I'm pretty much giving up on it too, and after this many years the plastic is sooo brittle it's not gonna last anyway. The front portion that goes around the shifters fell apart on me last summer, I had to throw it away. There's not a lot of storage in the upper section either.

The Tuffy looks promising, with perhaps some sort of wood/fiberglass thing for the front.
I build one out of wood to replace mine, not in good shape.



I wold think an upholstery shop might make one.

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