All Dobinsons 80 Series Shock Options Compiled

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Jun 6, 2005
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I've compiled all of the shocks that Dobinsons make for the 80 Series on this one page on my website. Twin tube, IMS, and MRA, in 0-3", 4-5" and 6" lengths. 20 different options including the 2 steering damper options!! I'm not going to paste it all here, as it's subject to change over the years if any other options are added or edited. But for anyone looking, there's an option for all uses, and all possible lift heights.

Also, all shock lengths are listed next to each shock (xx/xx), extended/compressed, in millimeters. You can see how sometimes the twin tubes out perform the IMS and MRA's even in extended lengths. It was hard for me to bounce between pages to get someone the specs of each shock, so I went ahead and put it all on one page so it can be found easier and for my own benefit too.

And here's the main features of each of the 3 types of shocks.

Twin Tube Shocks

  • Nitrogen Gas Charged, low pressure gas, reducing reducing oil aeration (shock fade)
  • Outer wall protects inner chamber and piston
  • Superior Design, thicker walls, longer travel
  • Japanese NOK Multi-Lip seals
  • Fuchs German shock absorber oil
  • Natural Rubber Bushings for reduced noise vibration and flexibility
  • Teflon Piston Rings
  • Double Chrome hardened rods
  • Metal shock boot to protect rod from damage
  • Fully sealed, non-serviceable
  • Full 2 year limited warranty
  • Read more from the manufacturer

IMS Monotube Shocks

  • Fully rebuildable and re-valvable
  • Zero shock fade in all terrains with full load
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement for easy fitment
  • IFP – Internal Floating Piston, separates oil and nitrogen
  • Corrosion resistant (EDP Surface Protection)
  • Heavy duty single piece lower leg
  • Enormous oil capacity
  • Heavy Duty 3 Stage FKM HNBR Sealing System for the ultimate in reliability
  • Race inspired hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston – for the ultimate in offroad handling
  • 66mm/2.6” Bodied Series – 60mm hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston – 60mm bore – Vehicle specific fitment – Suitable for most heavier vehicles
  • Full 2 year limited warranty, no set rebuild time period
  • Read more from the manufacturer

MRA 3-Way Adjustable Monotube Shocks with Reservoir

  • 3-way adjustable valving – Adjust high and low speed compression and rebound
  • Massive 66mm (2.6″) Outer body with 60mm (2.36″) Bore and Piston
  • 3-way Adjustable shocks provide maximum adjustability to provide the perfect ride quality for you.
  • 10 Stage High Speed Compression – For aggressive, high speed off roading through ruts and holes.
  • 20 Stage Low Speed Compression – For creepy crawling and cornering
  • 15 Stage Rebound – Control your coils, prevent bucking
  • 60mm CNC Machined High Flow Billet Aluminum Race Piston
  • 3mm Thick Heavy Duty DOM Seamless 66mm O.D. shock Body Precision Honed to +/- 0.04mm
  • Upgraded 3 Stage FKM‐HNBR Sealing System
  • TSUGAMI™ CNC machined components for precise tolerances
  • Parker™ Braided High Pressure Hoses
  • 5140 HV900 Hard Chrome Plated, Heat treated 18mm Micro-Polished high strength Shock Shaft with a minimum tensile strength exceeding 700MPA
  • T6 6061 Height Adjustable Spring Seat
  • Carbon-Fibre/PTFE/Disulphide composite wear band for the ultimate in low-friction, low‐wear performance
  • 60mm Full 6063 aluminum remote reservoir
  • Lightweight CNC Machined Low Friction floating piston
  • High Quality O.E.M. Grade Natural Rubber Bushings
  • Single Piece Lower Leg
  • EDP Surface Protection
  • CNC TIG Precision Welded Body End Mounts
  • Fully Rebuildable Design
  • Includes Universal Reservoir Bracket and Hardware, Sticker Pack, and Adjuster Wrench
  • Installation Instructions of the MRA Shocks
  • Full 2 year limited warranty, no set rebuild time period
  • Read more from the manufacturer

MRR Monotube Remote Reservoir (discontinued)

  • These are the old and discontinued non-adjustable Monotube Remote Reservoir (MRR) shocks
  • Dobinsons replaced the MRR with the MRA (adjustable), starting in 2018
  • MRR were never stocked and regularly sold in the USA, only the newer MRA's were
  • Some people still use the MRR terminology, and the MRR logo is still in use in some cases, but the MRA name was created to show that it's an adjustable valve shock instead and the part number of the adjustables all start with "MRA" as well
  • These were great shocks, as a first generation of the MRR, but Dobinsons always wanted to be able to adjust the valving, so they evolved and changed a lot into the MRA shock lineup. The difference between MRR and MRA is night and day in terms of features and upgrades

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Nice job Mike :cheers:
Can you add an entry in there (maybe under the MRA heading?) that clarifies the differences between MRA and MRR.
Can you add an entry in there (maybe under the MRA heading?) that clarifies the differences between MRA and MRR.
Sure thing, I'll do that.
Middle of the pack IMS here, love them

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