air injection, smog pump hoses

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Aug 13, 2021
Reno, Nv

i need parts 41 and 40 above. A bit expensive for used hoses on SOR. these are the air injection and smog pump to air cleaner hose. Is there anything special about these hoses or can i just order generic hoses with this diameter from NAPA? appreciate the input.
also does anyone know what diameter these are, i still looking for my calipers :bang:
Most of them have sharp bends. Do yourself a (expensive) favor and just pony up and purchase the used hoses from SOR
I may have to do this. Just a shower thought this morning, what will happen if the used market dries up for these parts? in 20 years time I wonder how maintenance on our rigs will look like
in 20 years your 2F engine will not be allowed in states that require smog check. If in CA, you will have converted the motor to electric. If in Montana, you will have already thrown out all the smog equipment...(Montana is just an example. I'm not making any negative statement about the state or people who live there).

There was a thread about someone having silicone hoses made to match...but that kind of dried up. In some sense hose 41 isn't really needed. It is for when air is not injected into the exhaust but bypassed to the air cleaner. Just let the ABV blow bypass air into the engine compartment. Also for hose 40, I suppose you can attach a breather filter to directly to the smog pump inlet instead of pulling from inside the air cleaner. This empty port on the filtered side of the air cleaner would needs to be capped. You may not pass visual inspection if that is a concern. The other hoses you may be able to piece together from existing molded heater hoses, etc.

For 40 and 41, these come off and on quite often at the air cleaner end. I use some silicone grease inside the tube. It helps the tube stay flexible and it doesn't stick to the hose port, reducing likelihood of damage.
in 20 years time I wonder how maintenance on our rigs will look like

20 years from now, little of what’s left on the cruiser (hitting 53 years old) will be Toyota parts. These vehicles that remain, for the most part, will be a collection of patched in parts from all over the world.
The body and frame and axles can last forever if they’re protected from rust, but everything else is mortal and won’t last forever.

There’s a guy I met who drove a 1943 (?) Willies 4-door wagon. The only thing left of the original vehicle was the body and frame and axles. Everything else was patched in. Inside was gutted except for the front bench.
If all the used hoses disappear tomorrow you could go to your local fab shop and have some metal pipes bent up close enough to the shape to work…use some silicon straight pieces to connect everything and carry on.
I've got 41 but shipping will probably be a deal killer. PM me if you're interested. It's has a serious u shaped bend in it right before the air pump. Doubtful you could get a generic piece to bend like that w/out kinking.

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