Air in the system: 1HDT

Jul 13, 2019
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I was reading @mudgudgeon explaining air in the system in a reply to someone else and it made me what to ask this question, I hate when people make other peoples thread about them.

So this may be in my head but she drives great, starts up quick, its a bit smokey(first a black puff then a light blue/white haze(bigger depending on how cold it is)) and injectors are on my list but usually when warmed up the smoke goes away.

But sometimes after im driving, not anything aggressive but just around town and I come up to a light and the engine seems to be working just a bit harder, the idle difference is negligible, not really noticing smoke but you can really just hear it(not a different noise but just the engine being louder) and feel it mainly though vibrations(thank you shakey dash).

Not really an issue that is bothering me at the moment, it could be mount related, transmission related maybe. Just was wondering if any one experienced something similar and resolved it.
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
An inspection of the engine mounts is easy enough to do, just jack it up with the engine bolted to the rails and look for splits.
But diesels can make a different sound at idle with a slight load on the engine. Its a bit hard to say without hearing it.
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