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Dec 9, 2007
I have read tons of threads and gone through the FAQ, but I still want your advice tailored to my needs. I want to put a 2.5" OME lift on. The cruiser gets used about as much on road as off road. Slight stinkbug is not a problem for me. It doesn't see any extreme wheeling yet, but lots of expedition wheeling.

Currently I have stock suspension, but have the following mods that will affect my choice of springs: dual battery setup, full length beefy roof rack, and I always have about 100 lbs of stuff in the back of the car at all times that is not stock. Spare tire still under car, and all three rows of seats. Running 285/75's. I have sliders that will be going on soon. I plan to add a front bumper and winch soon, and hopefully a rear bumper with dual swingouts sometime. Passengers are usually 2-4 adults and one child.

When I go camping its usually for a while, so the roof rack and interior of the cruiser gets loaded to the hilt, and there is a refrigerator in the back also. I would estimate that the load on the roof rack on my last trip was 300+ lbs.

When its loaded up the suspension drops a lot and I don't have a lot of suspension left for when I hit bumps; and I just want a lift. I don't mind having to change springs again later if necessary, but would like to avoid it of course. My goal is to have a lift that with the roof rack and car loaded down, I sit level or slightly higher in the rear, but at the same time don't sacrifice ride quality when the rack and cargo area is empty. Also once camp is set up, a lot of the weight on the cruiser is gone and left at camp, but not all of course.

So what springs do you recommend? I am thinking either the 851 or 850 for the front, and the 863 for the rear. I think I would be maxing out the 860 on the rear even unloaded.

From what I have read there is no harm in only swapping in springs and leaving the shocks for now, is that true with the 2.5" lift? I am thinking of just doing the springs for now. Thanks in advance.
Jun 14, 2010
Sacramento, CA
I just installed the medium OME 2.5" and wish I went with 850s up front because the stinkbug is pretty dramatic coming from saggy stock. The rear 860s haven't moved much with 320lbs of concrete sacks in the back or with my utility trailer filled at 300 lbs of tongue weight. I'm going to be installing a winch behind the stock bumper and will probably be putting in the 851s at that time. That being said - the medium OME is a great improvement over a tired stock setup.

My $0.02.
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Oct 28, 2007
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Definitely 850 up front with the dual batteries and winch. As for the rear, I would say 863 if you have a rear bumper, fridge and cargo. It should be pretty level but you may need to put a small spacer up front.

I ran this setup on my old 80 and it was great.
Mar 7, 2009
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OME Choice

I started with the 851 and 863 in the thoughts of having the add ons. I have sence outgrown it. IMO go heavy front and rear with the add ons you'll be glad you did.
Mudking, I PMed you too.
Mar 13, 2007
Wichita, Ks.
Heavies front / Heavies rear w/stock shocks

850 / 863 for all the weight your going to have in the rig. AND Yes there is no problem swapping out the springs for right now and leaving the shocks alone, it will ride much better and wheel alot better once you have swapped the shocks out, but it won't harm the truck itself. I wheeled like that for almost 6 months with the 850/863's with no problems.

As long as you don't plan on doing this all the time with your stock shocks you should be fine IMHO.


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