A place you can call..Heaven in Puerto Rico

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Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
I'm just came back from the PR Land Cruisers Owners get together, they meet in the great place: Toyota Museum, in Bayamon PR. Soon open to the public,so next time you TL lovers came to the island take some time to visit.

So i will start with pictures of the owners,daily drivers,mud players,camping rigs...then prepare to drool with the toys inside the building....:cheers:
Great Pictures Eshu ! I was lucky enough to be there as well, it was good to see you.
Great Pictures Eshu ! I was lucky enough to be there as well, it was good to see you.

Benson.. Thanks there's was a nice time with all you guys,see you soon on the camping ground.

CJ that was awesome, everywhere that you look its a Toyota around....just wait for the old cars...:D
I need to get a bib I am drooling so much. Thanks for the pictures, that must have been a blast to see all those cruisers.

Just don't put your bezel on upside down on your bib. The BP will never let you live it down.

Great pix. Thanks

I will post the 40 series and the old cars later,hope you all guys enjoy,i posted here but if they want to move it to chit chat its ok.
:clap: WOW, That's SO COOL !!! I wish they would do something like that on the West Coast. Can't wait for more pics.:cheers:
At last Ive found it.....The holy Grail of landcruiser thread. Nothing I will ever find on this forum will compare to this thread! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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