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Jan 9, 2016
Alexandria VA
I have a strange one here and I am not familiar with electrical work so looking for an assist. My blinkers, both left and right; front and rear, work great when my stock '84 FJ60 is cool but will blink only once or twice then stop once things heat up. By heat up, I don't mean engine temp gets warm, I mean it has to be over 80 degrees outside and I have to drive around in city traffic for at least an hour. If I go park for a while and it cools, the blinkers work again. I've tried with lights on and with lights off. Same result.

I'm guessing (hoping) this is a grounding issue. I'm guessing that's at least a good place to start. I've found a ground coming off my alternator. I cleaned it up a bit with no change. There should be a few more grounds I can check right? Anyone know where they are? Please be specific. Like you are talking to a grade school drop out specific. If I'm way off the mark with grounding feel free to break my heart. Thanks in advance!
Do you have a spare flasher relay to try?
Flasher relay. Under dash on driver's side. It says "flasher" on it or something like that.
That's where I'd start.

It was the flasher relay. Plugged a new one in there and it works like a charm. Thanks for the assist all!
Suddenly no blinkers on my 60. I added a new relay.... fuses all check out. Stalk clicks up and down easy. Read it could be hazard switch? I made the mistake of letting my son sit in the drivers seat unattended (he is 3) and I think he tweaked something. Hazards were on when I turned ignition right before I realized I had no blinkers. Oh and all bulbs check out too. If anyone could, link me some pixs of where to add a lubricate exactly? I hate having to stick my arm out the window to point.
I don't think you could break the hazard switch and have it affect the blinkers. My two cents is that your son broke the turn signal switch somehow. That's where I'd start looking.

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