1. spencer2000LC

    Stalls out when put in gear question?

    Looking for advice. Recurring issue where LC stalls out when coming off highway to first stop light. In sputters and then stalls. It will restart and run in Park or Neutral - but when engaged in Drive or Reverse it stalls. This has happened a number of times over the past couple years - but...
  2. Preston Palmer

    2007 LX470 - No Audio

    No audio coming from any speaker on any audio mode. I checked the AMP fuse under the hood and each 10a fuse on drivers and passengers side that relate to the audio system. Disconnected the battery for 20 min and reconnected. Still no audio. Any idea where to look next?
  3. ZayaR

    Good shops near Denver?

    Hi all, This is my very first post to Ih8mud. I am glad to join the community. I recently was able to get my brothers 89 fj62 out here to Colorado. I had to flatbed it from Ohio, but am really looking to get it trail worthy. It currently isn't running, and I am scratching my head as to why...
  4. B

    Help - Intermittent Electrical failure

    I have a 1974 FJ40 with the original 2F and an MSD electronic ignition. I have had this problem that is very concerning as it has left me dead in the middle of the street. Yesterday the vehicle fired right up and then when putting the choke in a little too early, it died. Tried to fire it up...
  5. psulick3

    A little electrical help

    I have a strange one here and I am not familiar with electrical work so looking for an assist. My blinkers, both left and right; front and rear, work great when my stock '84 FJ60 is cool but will blink only once or twice then stop once things heat up. By heat up, I don't mean engine temp gets...
  6. M

    Front Running lights driving me insane

    Hello All - I was hoping your could help with what has become a version of torture. I have a '72 FJ40 that is in pretty good shape. I decided to update the lighting on the beast and replace the running lights, dash bulbs, turning signal indicators (in the cab) with LED - wich work perfectly...
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