a howdy and some questions

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Nov 7, 2006
Sugarloaf, CO
Hey yall, its been atleast a couple months since ive checked in on the forum, and im back with some questions and a pic of my cruiser chillin at the beach.

so, first question... im movin out to boulder co for school from here in cali, and ill be gettin some new tires, and im wonderin what a good tire is for that area, and for the long trip back and forth... maybe getting better mileage than my baja claws. i tun 33x12.5s and im lookin for something in that size (maybe metric if i have to...)

something like the bfg at a good choice?

alllso, i race mountain bikes, and rotating weight is a big issue for us (less weight means faster acceleration and all)... why doesnt it seem to ever come up with cars? it seems that id get better mileage and snappier (even just a lil bit) performance from a lighter tire. is the effect just so small on cars that no one cares? or am i actually missing out on something?

and finally, anyone have issues driving across high desert with over heating? il be takin my cruiser to lotsa bike races this summer and eventually to college in colorado, and i dont wanna worry about over heating will driving aross 50 at 70 mph in the high noon sun... anything cheapish i can do to help?

i actually pulled the lining out from under my hood (it was mostly out anyway) and it helped with radiating some heat... any other tricks?

and finally the pic taken just north of half moon bay, by devils slide on the "sunny" nor cal coast. i know its not the most awesomest pic, but hey i was excited lookin up at my cruiser.

Id go BFG 33x10.5 keep the height and slim down the road meat. That area of Colorado is a trip...........be ready for any weather at anytime.
hey welcome to the back to the site!
You would get better mileage and acceleration with some skinny little 31's but that is a little small for me personally, for what your driving you probally are better with 33X10.5 BFG AT's.

You should get your coolant system cleaned properly, and your overheating problems should dissipate, however there could be other causes of overheating, running lean could instigate that too.
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its not so much that it overheats, but its a tad hotter cruisin across desert than it is here...

and as for tires, i def wanna stick with a 33, you think a 10 incher wont look too puny on an ome lift? is there a noticeable difference between the 12.5 and the 10 or 10.5 or whatever it is? cause i like me a lot of tread...

and ya i love co weather, we have a ranch down in the wet mountain valley (a lil south west of canon city) and i love the afternoon tunderstorms in the summer and the random winters and all... and i love snow...
there is a noticable difference between the 2, the trade off being the skinny one should be a little lighter, less drag on the highway, and probally not as good in the sand.

There is got to be 150 people here that will say go for the skinny, and 150 people that say go for wide. so it really comes down to how you want to roll.
oy vey...

mmk, well thanks for the help:beer:

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