A/C recharge options

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Jun 28, 2015
Black Hills, SD
It appears my A/C needs a recharge. Last summer the system was not getting very cool, and now it is blowing warm air.

I am checking the interior temp sensor today, to confirm if it needs cleaning. However if the system does need a charge, are cans of refrigerant safe to use in our rigs? Most have a sealant, which I have read mixed reviews about, like A/C Pro or Artic Freeze.
personally I would not use a can with sealant, fix the problem, then recharge.
Walmarts, supertech, 4.88$
although they are almost always out or only have one sitting there. Too many people out there like me that just take all of it when I see it there I suppose.
They just started putting resealable flappers in there instead of puncture tops also, I don't know if I like that or not. It's not as easy as it was with the screw on brass top threaded puncture pin. You have to get it perfect for the gas, or liquid to flow.
Still cheap.
Try using a can of 134a with dye in it. You will need more than 1 can (I think ~28 oz), but if you have dye in the system, you can find your leak using a black light in a dark garage. Then replace any leaky components and recharge. Only use r134a and never use "leak seal" products.
Attached is a pic of the interior temp sensor below the ignition if anyone needs it for reference.

I also uploaded a pic of the warm air coming out of the vent:rimshot:


I had r134 added with some dye. After about a week of driving I found this on the rear A/C line.... This must be the infamous rear A/C line leak? Is this costly to repair through an independent shop without capping?

Rear AC line.jpg

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