For Sale 96 LX450 (TX) moderately built

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I am looking to start a new project, I have had a great time with the LX, but I want something a little faster and am thinking a Super Charged Tundra with long travel suspension is next.

I have lots of pictures and can get pictures of anything you want, I am just going to put one up here and link my build thread. It is a very solid truck, with no major issues. The only minor ones I can think of are a shaky drivers mirror and a non working power antenna.

I am brutally honest so if you have any questions ask away.

Looking to get $15k

Thanks Ryan
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Sad to see you are getting rid of this already! We never got to wheel in Moab ;). Maybe with the tundra
Haha, yeah I just got back from a week in Moab and Colorado, the truck did awesome, I only had one spot where I touched the rear bumper everything else I breezed through. Doesn't hurt when the guy spotting you was a tour guide, for hummers, and touaregs :) whatever I end up with I am sure we can still do Moab!

Sad to see you are getting rid of this already! We never got to wheel in Moab ;). Maybe with the tundra
I went out and took some photos today. Sorry about the terrible quality. I dropped my iphone in the gas tank of my other car a couple weeks ago when I was trying to change out the in tank fuel pumps. But hopefully that gives you some idea. The truck is basically coming back from a 3,000 mile trip, and I just ran it through the car wash at the gas station so it isn't perfect. I also have one of the second row seats out because I took my dog with me and it gives him some extra room in the back, but it is in the same condition as the other second row seat, I will put it back in probably tonight when it isn't so hot out there.

If you have any more questions or want more specific or detailed photos let me know. I have my old digital camera charging now so I can hopefully get better quality shots.


Jul 8, 2012
Ryan, that is a great looking rig. :bounce:
How tall is the truck? any idea if it is crazy difficult to add lockers?
I was lurking for a bit and thinking about getting rid of my 40's and getting an 80 to try long distance trips occasionally. Basically a garage queen...

Hope all is well otherwise my friend!
Goebs! Well looks like we are at it again. Ha.

The truck is under 7' tall I will get you a measurement in a little bit, but even with the roof rack it still easily fits into my standard garage.

As for lockers you have a couple of options and I am sure you already know that.

1) Use the factory lockers, this means you need the factory locker 3rd members, the long side shaft the locker ECU, and the switch, all can be sourced out of the junkyard. The good thing about all the Lexus 450's are that they already have the body harness installed for the lockers so it is pretty much plug and play, but I am petty sure you need to do a little grinding on the axle housing and install 2 longer studs for the locked 3rd members. Not terribly difficult but not really easy.

2) Aftermarket lockers, still have to pull the 3rds and have them rebuilt with the lockers, but are supposedly stronger than the stock stuff, and quicker engagement.

3) and probably the only option I am considering if I keep the truck is an Aussie Locker type of locker in the rear. This truck unlocked went all of the places I really needed to be in. Anything too much more aggressive and you are risking body damage and broken parts not really what I had in mind with this truck, it is in it's element with a nice drive to the trail, hitting the trail and driving home.

It is kind of the truck I wanted when I built my 55. It is a capable wheeler but comfortable enough to drive for hours (That is where my 55 failed, it wasn't fun to drive for hours, about 2-2.5 hours was all I could take) This last trip, I drove 17 hours to Moab, then to Telluride, up over Imogene Pass , and Ophir Pass in Colorado, back to Moab, wheeled Hell's Revenge, Fins and Things, and Moab Rim and then drove 17 hours back to Texas.

Don't get rid of all your 40's though. I think the 40 is a truck that while not as practical as an 80 might be, it is still "The" Land Cruiser. Pick the best of the best and keep it, and add something to your garage that can be used a little more often with the wife and kids?
soo... what's the next project? ;)

glws btw!
Well nothing is set in stone yet, I also have a 700hp 2011 GT-R I am thinking about selling. If I sell them both I am going to build a 5.7L Supercharged Crewmax Tundra desert truck with King and Camburg long travel suspension. But I am not trying very hard to sell either the LX or the GT-R, both are only advertised on enthusiast sites. :)
what a nice rig. im in a market for a truck but this one is about 5k out of my price range.
Dinner conversation should be interesting this eve at our place. I will measure the garage door openings, talk with my oldest boy about someday driving a cruiser wagon vs a bmw two door... dont go there...

Then maybe he can convince my wife it makes sense for me to buy something I will use a few times a year. We all do miss the 55. I got rid of the burban for a used cruiser suv so towing isnt a goal anymore. I simply want to have a rig for trips to cool locations that I can drive to and from in some comfort. Worse case I can build the new model up. But that isn's where I want to be in the end.

You build some nice stuff!

Thanks Eric,

Yeah it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about selling the 55 again. I immediately had seller's remorse and tried to cancel the sale but it was with a dealership out of Alabama and he got a little s***ty with me. But as unique and cool as that truck was, it just wasn't practical, it was a 42 year old body that's prone to rust, there isn't real quality fitting weather stripping for it. The wiring was a bunch of stuff put together by at least 3 different shops, it was kind of a Frankenstein that took on a life of its own but I still loved it! Lol.

I kind of picked this LX up to take it's place but I didn't want to get real wild with this truck it is a really well sorted package the way it sits. It's definitely made for driving to some cool places, with 4 people and a dog in comfort. For me it's just right but if you thought you needed a little more capability you could throw the Aussie in the rear axle, but it's quite capable. On my entire trip there was only 1 spot a locker might have helped a little and it was a nasty, loose, shale slide that I shouldn't have been trying anyways. Ha

If you need anything just let me know. I measured it and it looks to be 81.5" tall.
Cash + trade for an '01 supercharged 4Runner limited edition?
Knew it was a long shot. Love your 80
if you still have my cell, ring me. i have your number in my tele and will be traveling to michigan for a lacrosse tournament with my little guy for the weekend and think we should talk...


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