'95 VW Golf with a tire engine?? help me out

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Jul 7, 2006
Essex, Vermont
I meant TIRED engine, ha

Hey guys,

So I have 122,000 Miles on this '95 Golf 2.0 L... I went on a trip over seas and didn't run it till i got back which was about 2-3 months. So I come back to my Golf and start it up, which it does just fine, and drive it a little come back and there is smoke coming from the manifold area/engine... but its not a cracked manifold, its burning oil for sure. However, is this burning of oil because of the engine just sitting for a month or 2, or is it because there is something wrong with the engine.... aka head gasket?

Yup its your average good reliable VW :doh:,
its probably something simple like a valve cover gasket hat has dried out and is pissing on the exh manifold
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