94 FZJ80 Rolled Parting out

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1972 FJ55 "Iron Giant"
Jan 21, 2006
United States
I just got a Rolled 80 from a buddy of mine I need to sell parts off of. I'm keeping the chassis(frame, motor, trans/transf, axles). Most of the interior is ok, the pass side doors are ok. The drivers side doors the motors are ok as far as I know. Front end somewhat ok. Let me know what you need and I'll see if it's intact. :grinpimp: NOTHING LEFT. TRUCK WAS CRUSHED......Thanks for all the Purchases!!!!!!!!:mad::mad:
front view wrecked 80.jpg
side view wrecked 80.jpg
rear seat wrecked 80.jpg
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PM sent
trailer hitch, driver side marker ,and third row driver side seat belt thanks shipping 04093
I need the fan shroud to 76112. the sooner i know something the better.

Thank you!
the section of harness that runs under the front of the passenger seat, from console to door, with the power relay...mine had a little issue with an over the frame and leaking exhaust :doh:
94 FZJ80 Rolled Parting out /antenna

Looking for antenna motor housing assembly. Please let me know if available-working or not is ok.
Drivers side seatbelt and 3rd row seats if you got em... how much shipped to 95747 OR, I can try and pick em up if they are available.

I only have the drivers side 3rd row seat, and it's got a little tear from the accident. The other flew out the window. I'll check on the seatbelt this weekend when I tear into it.
2nd row driver's side seatbelt?

Several of the little screw covers on the grab handles?

Right rear (3rd row) Ashtray cover?
Interested in DS healight and corner marker light.
Interested in the passenger visor and steering wheel, depending on condition.

Also, hows the interior seat skins? Wonder if they would fit on a 91FJ80
How is the exhaust? I need the entire system if its in 'good enough' shape. Thanks! PM me if you want. Zip 76126

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