93 Intermittent Start Problem

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Mar 30, 2012
Davis, CA
Hey All,
Been a long time since I posted around here. My 93 has been giving me a hard time for the last few years. Every now and then it starts acting up and will not start. My version of the no start is the click under the dash, not at the starter. OR at least I do not think it is at the starter.

I have rebuilt the starter, replaced the fusible links checked and cleaned battery contacts. I keep a 12v poker in the rig and when this happens I attach the alligator clips to the battery and poke the 12v to the wire at the solenoid above the starter and it starts perfectly.

I am not any kind of wiring or electronic sleuth. But before I take this to my mechanic to I thought I would try to gather as much info as possible. I have read several threads and in my situation it seems like the most obvious points of failure are the Park/Neutral safety switch or something having to do with the alarm.

I do have the Toyota alarm installed with the switch to the left of the steering column and the box under the driver seat. I have never used the alarm and in fact dont even know how it operates. Is there some obvious way to remove that alarm system or check to see if it is the problem?

Thanks for any thoughts.

I really think you should take some time to do some diagnosis.

I would trying to "jump" the starter by using a wire from the solenoid to the battery. If that works, you eliminate starter issue and power lead.

The next logical place is the NSS. I would disconnect the connector and pull out the 2 large wires, tape them together and see if it drives around town fine. You can start your vehicle in any gear this way and you won't have backup lights and some lights on the dash if you don't plug your NSS back in.

All this costs you nothing up to this point (assuming you have the tools).

If it works fine with the connectors taped together and they're in good shape, the issue is the NSS. You can remove and try to clean or you can replace. My problem I could start cold or not at full temps, but when it got hot is when it started acting up.

If that doesn't fix the problem or the problem doesn't go away with the 2 "big" wires taped together, then look at the ignition switch. It is under the dash in a relatively "Easy" environment. I won't say that don't ever go bad, see desert dino's post above, but it way less likely to go bad than the rest of the stuff in much harsher environments.

Here is my adventure in this endeavour that is still on going. I ordered a new NSS which is on its way, but I tried cleaning first to no avail. .

Dino, thanks for the part number. I will put that on the list of possible solutions.
Lazy, I have already eliminated the start and lead. I actually start it with a power probe when this occurs.

I did not mention that it does NOT start in neutral. Does anyone know if that is helpful for diagnosis?

I will to look and see if I can find the NSS connector and assess its condition.

Does not start in neutral points to the NSS. The NSS connector we are talking about is directly into the switch itself, NOT the one many find in the EWD. Passenger side of the tranny where the shift linkage terminates. Threads exist about cleaning the NSS, replacing connectors or both.
Dino thanks for the reply. I am pretty lost. Can you help me locate the NSS on my 93. I think it may be in a different location than on later years.

also, should I continue to consider eliminating/removing the Toyota alarm?
a442f and a343f (or whatever it is) are all on the NA passenger side. crawl under the truck, follow transmission shift linkage to the end, go up to electrical connector.
Sorry, what is NA stand for? I have been looking around under there on the passenger side and do NOT see any connectors that look like the right ones.

NA = North America
It appears I may be incorrect. Look here....
Annotation 2020-08-24 131548.jpg

the shift linkage should lead you to it.
This? This is on the drivers side. It has that metal plate covering the connection
Is this that metal cover plate that covers the wiring connection removable?

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