88 4runner diesel swap

Mar 27, 2007
hey all ... newbie here ... just got my first 4x4 last month and i'm ready to start making some mods ... ( i plan a 3" suspension lift, 33's, downey super clutch, front/side/rear tubing, racks, and an engine swap w/ possible drive line upgrade ... that should keep me happy for a while until i find a 40 and a 80)

anyhow ... i have an 1st gen '88 5spd 4runner with a 2.4 22re ... the engine has 190k on it so i'm thinking of swapping it out for more power and for diesel fuel economy/options

i'm thinking about a yota 3.0 turbo diesel ... will that fit? any other 6cyl diesel options that will fit?

i have a friend with an '85 pu, his 22re blew so he's puttin in a 4cyl turbo diesel ... he's got more experience than me (has owned a 40 and a 55) so i'm going to watch while he does his swap before i do mine

thanks for your advice, this place rocks
Mar 7, 2007
Brick, NJ
Not knocking the idea of a diesel swap but the 22re is Toyota's greatest gasser achievment. That motor will run til 300k with proper upkeep and maybe a timing chain. If I was you I'd be more concerned about getting a straight axle in the front so you never have to worry about breaking that junk ifs.
Oct 18, 2006
you can be the guy making the documentary of the motor change...will make for some interesting material....:) Any how... diesels in 80 yeah but in 4runners?.... run the engine till the end. then, sell the block to help pay for the swap. By then, in my case at least, I won't have to smog it....:cheers:
Feb 8, 2007
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Man I wish I could find the link (mud) of the guy that put a cummins ag. diesel in his jeep, looked but guess it got removed..........Very, Very informative...

Oh, Walcome, sorry bout that, Welcome.

seriously, great idea go for it you wont ever have to swap it again.....

I have often wondered my self but think a stroker crank (me) is cheaper.

Might be (*might*) be a diesel crank dont know for sure but I do know LC gets them from some where and not from billit.


PLEASE, if you do this keep us up 2 speed.

What is going on!!! I have seen twice a 3.0L N.A diesel v6 on ebay that was labled a 3L?

wikapidia has no mention of a V6 diesel..................WHAT?
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Apr 5, 2002
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I've been wrestling with what engine to put into my hilux...

I have a 4cyl cummins, had a 2lte, and a mercedes 5cyl om617 turbo...
oh...and the wiped diesel engine that was in there, an L....

The 4cyl won't fit...well, it might, but you'll need at a minimum: 4" of lift, 3" body lift, and a hood scoop....

The 2lte is a piece of s***....just look at the ones that have let loose with cracked heads...

The om617 will fit, but you'll need to cut out the front radiator support...

or you can put the 22r in there like it was supposed to be....easy, and cheap.

If you want more power, forget the diesel and put a 4.3l vortec. It fits easy and the parts are cheap....

Mar 31, 2006
Abbotsford, B.C.
I think you'd end up spending more money on this swap than if you just went out and purchased a factory truck with a diesel (not sure if you are in the US or not, if you are then it's not an option.) But swaps are very expen$ive. Take your estimate at the cost and double if not triple it.
Mar 30, 2010
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I understand that this is an old thread...like really old..but why swap in a vw or cummins diesel into a Toyota...sorta sacrilegious! My DD is currently an '88 1st gen 4Runner with a 1KZ-TE JDM Toyota diesel! Yes, the swap can be somewhat expensive, for the cost of the motor
/halfcut alone, but do not make an abomination out of your Toyota by swapping in some other diesel....sorta like Nissan did with their Titan...really....a Cummins diesel in an import!
Personally, my commute is right about 100 miles a day but at 24 mpg that this motor gives me, it beats the hell out of some common diesel you find here in the states! I am sure I will get flamed for that statement but do your homework, as these motors can be found for the right price and it is a direct bolt in...no motor mount changes at all! Think about it, anywhere except here, the US, the diesel was put into these vehicles...from day one on the assembly line. Only the ones coming here to the US got the Petrol option...hence the 3-slow V6, or 22R motor...maybe even the 22RE.
As for parts and reliability, I get my oil filters from my local dealership and I have a complete engine gasket set that I imported from overseas....and it wasn't expensive. These things are stupid simple to work on...as the only 'electronic' portion of the motor is the injection pump! Hell, if you want simplicity, swap in the manual pump from the Nissan Pajero (manual pump), which is commonly found on e-gay. Not to mention with annual maintenance, these motors routinely see mileage over the 500k range! And, it literally is no comparison to the 2L of 2L-TE diesel motors that were imported for a short period....which are prone to cracking heads.
But in the end, I understand it may come down to $$ and your local emission laws..which I do not have to deal with, as I live in Florida. And I digress....
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Dec 13, 2002
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You could put a VW diesel in there and swap one of the best motors ever made for a horribly unreliable, difficult to work on, expensive parts pile of s***.

Or you could swap in a 3rz


Oct 7, 2003
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Mine is on stock size tires, no lift, IFS and I never drive it on the highway.

You getting everything, or are you gonna piece it together around an engine?

Mostly everything. I will know more when I meet the "big boss" at 10:30 to get a "package price." From what I've heard he is a difficult individual. The only accessory will be power steering. No AC, no alternator (my decision). Should be the engine with manifolds, wire harness, intake, and computer. This truck was involved in a serious wreck, and the engine does have some expensive damage which I'm hoping to use to get the price down.

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