80 Series 1HDT Ground Locations (1 Viewer)

May 23, 2019
WNY For Now
Hey All,

I’m working on finishing up the wiring on my 1HDT swap and need some assistance.

I’ve deleted the 24v start and have both batteries are grounded to the block. I’ve got a strap from the block to the frame.

Is there a ground from the head to the firewall like on the FZ?

Is the rear ground on the T-case to the body or the frame? Or does the manual transmission model not have the rear ground strap?
Oct 30, 2004
The factory engine harness have a ground wire going to the left rear of the head where the lifting bracket is,and there’s a ground from one of the battery to body.
Every time I do an engine swap I always make sure there’s a ground strap from battery to engine ,engine to frame and frame to body, it can save a lot of headache,don’t ask why I know,being a mechanic for 30 yrs when diagnosing a no start on a Honda a broken ground wire can be a big problem.....

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