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Sep 12, 2020
1. fj62 1988
2. Robby Dodd
3. Blue
4. 70k
5. Stock
6. Work commute, fishing trips

Aug 31, 2021
Bunbury, Western Australia
Year & Model of Vehicle:
06/1981 HJ60

Name of Owner:
Harry, but lots of people call me Noot (think Pingu).

Name of Vehicle:
No real name for it yet, gets called the Red Bus from time to time.

Vehicle Mileage:
Unknown kays, pretty sure the odometer stopped at 260k kms, haven’t seen the car in a while :frown:

H55 swap by PO, 33x10.5R15 Dick Cepek tyres, working on putting a Ford Barra engine in as the 2H died, build thread coming soon.

Truck Usage:
Daily driver duties! Not overly practical for the city but that’s part of the fun.


Nice photo of the Red Bus when it was running.


Basically what it looks like at the moment… yes I know there’s oil on the firewall.
Oct 1, 2021
1. 1985 FJ60
2. R Gill
3. Groot
4. 120K
5. Stock- On order 2 inch OME lift, 5speed gear box, Howell Fuel injection
6. Tow small camper, running trails, hunting, Sunday cruiser


Supporting Vendor
Dec 23, 2011
Orange County, NY
So I'm posting this though I am not sure if it is technically my truck, as a friend basically handed me the keys and title once he got another newly restored vehicle and told me to pay him whenever I could. Right now it's still reg'd and insured in his name, which I'll remedy once I get some things squared away and ready for inspection.


Vehicle: 1985 FJ60 (October build date)
Name: "The jalopy" according to PO, I am thinking "Betty"
Mileage: 209k miles
Modifications: PO to PO did some awful bit luckily not major things, which I am currently undoing:
-junk H4 headlights; cheap, blue (high K) HID kit with no relays with blue angel eyes and city lights - blinding to oncoming traffic, slow to warm up, not realy bright on the road
-Wire nuts splicing the above headlights into stock wiring
-non-functional driving lights on the bumper (blue bulbs, of course)
-blue LED gauge cluster lights (seeing a theme?)
-speaker wire shoved into fuses to pull power for....something
-carbon fiber vinyl wrapped nearly anything possible; mirrors, cluster, exterior trim, front lower valence, leading edge of hood, and more I'm probably forgetting
-decent aftermarket stereo with amp and sub in the rear - I'll keep this for Bluetooth connection if nothing else,and cleanup the wiring. At least it is fused properly, from what I can see. Sub and amp may have be built into new side panels though.

My friend did maintenance more than anything:
-31x10.5 Duratracs
-updated cooling system including new alu radiator
-A/C repaired
-new wheel bearings
-maybe a carb rebuild? Seeing some receipts and need to dig through for specifics

Use for the truck? Therapy.

I haven't had a project vehicle since shortly after my oldest kid was born 13 years ago. Timing was good and this offer was too good to pass up. I find it (mostly) relaxing working on something like this, and the added bonus of adventures in the cruiser with my family and dogs will be icing on the cake.

Working through a punch list to get rid of the PPO's hack electrical / lighting "mods" and for state inspection, then I'll dive into some maintenance items before any real modifications happen. Not planning big things.

Short term plans:

1. Remove headlights, driving lights and all PPO light wiring (done) and replace headlights with OEM Koito kit (received last week)
2. Repair dead license plate light in tailgate. Corrosion lead to a bad ground (done)
3. Remove carbon fiber vinyl from all the things. I know it will make me lose like 15hp, but it needs to happen
4. Blue light special. Any blue lights must go, and will be replaced with standard white, green or other lighting as appropriate
5. Replace drivers tail light (cracked lens)
6. Rewire amp and sub, done by a shop fairly well but some things could be improved
7. Remove and replace PPO wiring to a rear 12v socket
8. Add small fuse panel out back, powered either by amp power cable or a dedicated run
9. Clean and declutter interior
10. Respray D pillar vents, headlight buckets, grille with flat iron
11. Good wash and wax when weather permits
12. State inspection then drive to ensure the list keeps growing

Mid term plans:
1. Desmog
2. Suspension something (rear springs near flat)
3. Roof rack (probably build one eventually)
4. Tighten up steering
5. 3 pt rear belts and add headrests, if I can source a donor
6. front knuckle rebuild (seals need some love)
7. Contemplate a repower and settle for just driving it and enjoying the slow ride

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My daily is a 2016 4runner, which doesn't have soul like an old cruiser. My 13 yr old,who isn't really into vehicles, said after his first ride that he wants this to be his first car. Maybe the 4runner instead, kid :)
Truck looks great Greg! Good luck with the build, send pics once the hardware is on. Keep in touch bud, cheers..

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