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Oct 28, 2015
I have complete wheel to wheel 79 series axles for sale with diff.

Or can remove wheels and just sell hub to hub 79axles. PM me if interested

79 5lugs


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Apr 5, 2008
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The studs are larger and the dowels are larger. I have had them side by side, while it may only be 2mm larger that is substantially larger on hubs.

All these parts are rusty crusty on the Cruser. Which means I got to clean, rebuild and paint. New parts bolt on.

10,000+lbs 79’s running these, should be good for my 80 Ute.


These 79 Hubs will fit right onto the front US Spec 80 series axle spindles?

Do you know what the lug pattern is on these hubs? -edit, after some searching I found that the 79 series is indeed 5x150 lug pattern.

What did you use for rotors and did they work with the factory 80 calipers, or did you have to upgrade/adapt different calipers?

Can you share the source for the hubs and bits to swap onto an 80 axle?

I have a 10.5" tundra rear axle with the 5x150mm lug pattern that's going into one of my crawlers. One problem has been figuring out how to match lug patterns front & rear. If i can find some 5x150mm pattern hubs and mount to my 80 front axle spindle, that's probably an easier solution for me than drilling out the tundra axle flanges & rotors to a 6 lug pattern. I've heard it's possible from postings made by Front Range Offroad/Diamond Axle, but is not my preferred method to match lug patterns front/rear.
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