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Jan 14, 2005
I have finally gotten around to inventorying about half of my hoard (6 pages worth in far). I hope to list a manageable amount every other week or so,, . I really don't want to take any of it to the scrapper...

If my prices are way off let me know, make an offer, shipping is your cost,,pics on request but send me your email address...if you want something specific not listed pm or email me at I aint skeerd of spammers!!

2 Fj40 stock shackles $5 set not sure what year, threads are good, some nuts incl.
fj40 aluminum quarter panel skins $50 set diamond plate, for 1" cut wheel wells, previously installed on 78 with stock tire carrier
88 fj62 visors $15 set
92 fj80 visors one has a broken mounting flange $15 set
3 rearview mirrors (2 fj40-1 fj62) $5 each dont know years
valve train complete (fj40) $40 dont know year, I believe it is from a 2f
2- fj 40 windshield wiper motor covers $20 each mount on lower section of windshield
fj62 egr and stainless steel pipe $20
Fj62 rams horn headers $175
fj40 turn signal old style 5$ smaller rectangle orange lens
fj40 ashtray $5 I think all are same style
62 headlight buckets with one rectangular ring $5
fj40 dash cluster $75 not sure of years, but I think I have 3 of these total
2 fj40 gas doors $5 each no keys 76 ish
fj40 center hood latch $5 looks like my 78 prob from a 75
weber carburetor for parts $20 believe it is a 32/36... SOLD
fj40 starter non gear reduction $25

40 distributor (mech advance) $50
60 -62 distributor for parts) $40 it may work, i just dont know..
fj62 center panel cig lighter/ashtray/heater control panel $ 10
fj62 a/c clutch $5
unknown license plate bracket 5$, not 60 or 62 series
4 runner bull bar wings (mounting flange slightly cut) $20
fj62 grey lower rear seat $ 30 great shape
custom made aluminum locking box 150$ about 12" L x 10" w x 8" tall, with 2 mid shelf, and coated with fake fhino liner, I made it to go under my seat in my 40..
evaporator for fj62 $35
fj 62 squirrel cage fan blower motor $5
62 shifter cover housing $5
62 tachometer $5
40 ashtray cover plate $5
75-40 visors $15
2 f lifter cover plate $5
3 glovebox doors for 40 $5 each
omni magnum ignition system/coil for fj40 (model om150-400mj) $50
fj40 cowl grate $10
intake manifold fj40 2f $100
1975 engine wiring harness (95%) $50
bikini top windshield rails $15

fj 62 wiring harness 90% 75$

fj62 seat belt buzzer $5
engine muffler $5
steering stabilizer mounting brackets $5
generic ignition switch $5
caliper for core $5
rear stabilizer arms $5 set
2 different mounting latches for rear tire carriers
padded steering wheel center for 40
fj 62 snake blinders (2 sets) $20 /set
fj40 gas filler cover $40
clutch pressure plate and clutch arm for 40 2f $20
hood rod for fj62 $5
early 1f oil filler pipe $5
door strike
some six bolt pulley
misc. fj62 dash indicator light boxes
fj62 dead foot $5
62 non closing a/c vent
62 gas door $5
62 rear speaker mounting plate
62 rear d pillar vent cover
fj 40 emmisions computer
fj60 interior door pulls
fj40 rect. light covers/ rear –metal $5 each
fj40 license plate bracket
fj40 metal pipe gas filler
9- windshield wiper arms $5 each
62 tailight housing $10
62 heater controls
fj40 carberator riser plate $50
fj40 windshield hinges $50 set
fj40 gas pedal $25
fj62 rear wiper (reservoir and motor) $35
fj62 alternator pulley (double)
fj62 emergency brake handle arm 5$
fj62 e brake cover (brown) 5$
fj62 front speaker cover 5$
40 hood latch (side) $5
40 foot high beam switch $20
2 horns 5$ both
door strikes 1-40, 2-62
oil filter bracket 5$
jack mounting plate 5$
misc. emissions control stuff
40 jack rod holder 5$
40 jack 15$
40 lighter assembly $5
40 warm pull cable $5
62 dash dimmer rheostat 5$
62 clock 5$
misc. 40 & 62 computers 5$
fj40 bucket seat back $5
fj62 gauges (no oil gauge) hot/cold, fuel, voltage, speedometer 5$ each
rusted fj40 grab bar $5 solid
40 carberator $85 for a 78
fj40 e brake accuator (cracked handle ) $5
fj62 wiper and turn signal switches $5
fj 40 brake & seatbelt egr light housing $5
fj62 rear seat belts (brown) lap $5
misc. after market lights (cibie or k.c . or new rect, fog lights) 5$ each
fj40 speedometer (cable and box, mounts on firewall) $25
62 motor mount/rubber
40 battery tray $25
40 gas filler cover $25
misc. hooks (4) $5 each
fj 62 wiper motor $25
fj 40 motor mounts 5$
mini truck u joint rear assembly $5
rubber fj62 distributor cover $10
fj40- 78? Distributor $35
fj -62 distributor $15
fj40 kickvents (one small dent) $25 both
75 fj40 coil and ignitor assembly $35
fj40 engine hook $5
fj62 transfer button $25
2-fj40 coils $5 each
fj40 fan motor & resister $50
generic or 55 ignition switch
62 windshield fluid motor 5$
40 seat mount $5
fj40 side mirror 5$
mini axle housing and diff 50$ pick up only
fj62 rear wiper switch $5
transfer case side cover $5
fj40 glovebox plug (female) $5
jack rubber tie down $5
tie rod ends for 78- fj40
small bolt pattern disc brake knuckles $85 for set
3f lifter cover $5
3f fan with clutch $25
fj62 front sway bar $5
fj40 rear heater hard lines $25 rubber is rough
fj 62 smog pump (works but emergency backup) appears to work/shaft bent but might just be mis aligned pulley)
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Jan 14, 2005
I dont have years, I removed these parts over 10 years ago

pm me an email address and I will send pictures
Dec 2, 2009
Ft Worth, TX
Do the gas doors have the lock cylinders in them?

If so I will take them both.

Also, No price listed on the fj40 license plate bracket, is that the rear? What Year and how much?

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Lost Shaker of salt...
Sep 26, 2005
Can you give me condition details on these items?

fj 40 brake & seatbelt egr light housing $5
40 seat mount $5
fj40 side mirror 5$
40 warm pull cable $5
fj40 license plate bracket
2 different mounting latches for rear tire carriers
Jan 14, 2005
rising sun, no antenna
bad mojo, yes, one of the latches has the catch and the rubber, the other does not the one that has it I believe is from a 75/78
offcamber, et all, sorry, been overwhelmed, and had computer problems, let me know thru email if you have not heard from me.
thecrazygreek, not sure what you want to know, email me so I can send pictures, I have 2 light housings, 2 different seat mounts one is the triangular front, and a few are the rear/short ones
side mirror, I have several, what do you want?
warm pull cable-someone is looking at it, decent shape, but not exactly restoration quality, would need cleaning and repainting of the white, but physical condition is good
lic plate braket, I have 2, -I can email pics
and latches for rear tire carriers, I think one is a 75/78 with rubber and catch one is an earlier model~pics with email address

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